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Lucky Bags In Japan: A New Year's Shopping Tradition

In Japan after the New Year's celebrations, many shops sell items at high discount buddled in what are called "fukubukuro" or lucky bags. Here's more on this tradition!

Bum Bun BLau Cafe with BeeHive - Tokyo : Michelin-Awarded Truffle Ramen

"Bum Bun BLau Cafe with BeeHive" is a popular ramen shop in Hatanodai, Tokyo. It has been awarded by the Michelin Guide for 3 years since 2015. Here is a review of their specialty menu "White truffle shio ramen" and also Japanese dessert "Kakigori"!

Amigos! Here's The Ultimate List Of Burrito Addresses in Tokyo!

Craving for a good burrito in Tokyo? Check out the list below!

Mazesoba Mitsuboshi - Ebisu, Tokyo : The Unique Soupless Ramen!

Mazesoba Mitsuboshi is a ramen shop in Ebisu where you can try a unique, delicious soupless ramen "mazesoba" (literally "mixing noodles").

Must-Visit Christmas Markets in Tokyo!

Wondering what to do in Tokyo for Christmas? How about going to a Christmas market and enjoying shopping and eating with your friends, family, or boyfriend or girlfriend? Here is a list of Tokyo's Christmas markets where you can have a wonderful Christmas experience!

FRIJOLES : Burrito Joint That Satisfies Your Cravings!

Mexican food is a great choice for comfort food! Frijoles is one restaurant in Tokyo that serves delicious Mexican street food.

Dondo Yaki: The Japanese Tradition Of Burning One's New Year Ornaments!

Places all over Japan make a special event of burning their New Year's ornaments. It's an impressive tradition that everyone is welcome to take part in. These events are held in mid-January. Join one of them for a nice cultural experience!

A Guide to Oden and Its Ingredients - Japan's Delicious Winter Dish!

Have you ever heard of "oden"? It is a common Japanese winter (and Autumn) dish. It can be served at restaurants, food stalls, convenience stores, and made at home. One interesting thing about oden is that it has a great variety of ingredients. Here is a list of common items you'll find in a pot of oden!

Tokyo Auto Salon: Japan's Grandest Auto Show!

Every year in January is held the Tokyo Auto Salon at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba city, a suburb of Tokyo. If you are a motor-vehicle enthusiast, this event is well-worth the go!

Yokohama Christmas Market : Enjoy The Beautiful Decorations, Shop And Eat!

Yokohama's Red Brick Warehouse Christmas Market (Akarenga Christmas Market) is one of the most popular events during the Christmas season. You can experience the German-style Christmas Market while enjoying the stunning illuminations, shopping, and eating!

Tantanmen Hoozuki - Nakano, Tokyo : Amazing Spicy Ramen With A Strong Shrimp Flavor!

There is a must-try ramen shop in Nakano, Tokyo, especially if you are a spicy food lover. It is called "Tantanmen Hoozuki" which serves amazing, unique tantanmen (a kind of spicy ramen). Here is a review of their specialty menu "tantanmen"!

Ginza Bairin - Ginza, Tokyo : Heavenly, Traditional Katsudon That You Need To Try!

Have you ever tried a Japanese popular dish katsudon? It is a kind of rice bowl dish which is topped with tonkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet) and eggs. If you are planning to eat katsudon in Tokyo, you should go to an old-established restaurant called "Ginza Bairin" which serves a special type of katsudon!

Super Easy Japanese Mixed Fruit Jelly Recipe!

Although Jelly is an incredibly simple dessert, you can count on the Japanese to perfect it and make it even more appealing. This dessert is very simple, yet very satisfying. Would you like to try this jelly dessert at home?

Tokushima Ramen: 5 Must-Try Ramen Joints In Tokushima City!

Traveling to Tokushima, Shikoku? If so, or if you happen to live there, one thing that must be done is trying the local ramen! Tokushima has developed its own ramen style and it's so delicious that its popularity has been spreading in other parts of Japan. Here's where you should go for some of the best ramen in and around the city of Tokushima.

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival: Japan's Most Beautiful Winter Candle Light Festival

In February, in the small town of Otaru in Hokkaido, is held the Snow Light Path Festival. Thousands upon thousands of candles are lit in the snow every evening across the town. It creates an amazingly peaceful atmosphere and makes for one of Japan's most beautiful winter scenery.

Tokyo Marathon: One of the Big Six Major World Marathons!

As the 2020 Olympics are drawing close, the Tokyo Marathon of the year 2018 and 2019 are at the center of the focus in the sports world of the City until then. The new course for Tokyo Marathon in 2018 symbolizes the past, present and the future of Tokyo. It's always fun to see the Tokyo Marathon for the interesting-looking costumed participants in the course. Check it out!

Sushi In Nippori: Here's The Lowdown On Where You Should Go!

The area around the Nippori Station is a great place to explore in Tokyo! It has the quaint atmosphere of the "shitamachi" (old neighborhoods of Tokyo) and lots of delicious restaurants to try. Sushi is, of course, one of the cuisine genres many people living in, or visiting Japan like to eat, so here's a guide on where you should have sushi in the Nippori area!

A New Bar Alley Has Opened In The Kansai Area On October 31st!

On October 31st, a new awesome bar/restaurant concept has opened in Kyoto. It is a fusion between Spanish bars and Japanese bars, and you are able to try tons of different restos under one roof!

Caretta Shiodome Illuminations In Tokyo: Your Next Spot For Your Winter Date!

Seeing Christmas illuminations is one of the popular things to do in Tokyo during the winter. Strolling through famously lit streets and parks is considered a very romantic activity. One of the best places in Tokyo to see amazing illuminations is in front of the Carette Shiodome shopping mall. Go there during any time around Christmas and you're sure to see plenty of couples gazing at the amazing show of lights.

Plum Blossom In Japan: The Winter Cousin Of The Sakura

Many people know about Japan's cherry blossoms called "sakura", but much fewer people know about sakura's little cousin, the "ume" (plum) tree, which goes in bloom earlier, in the late part of winter. The plum tree blossoms are traditionally seen as a sign that winter is coming to an end.

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