Updated: August 28, 2017
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Gundam Cafe In Akihabara: The Official Mecca Warrior Robot Cafe!

If you are visiting Akihabara, here's a place you might want to visit: it's called the Gundam Cafe. Most anime fans will probably know it, for it's one of the most popular anime series in the world. The Gundam series feature robot warriors that have become iconic of the genre. Here's more on the only official Gundam Cafe!

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Gundam is a massively popular Japanese science fiction series featuring robots with mobile suits called Gundam. Standing in front of a shopping mall in Odaiba is a huge Gundam statue. Like the Statue of Liberty in NYC, many tourists and Gundams fans make a special trip to that spot to see the huge Gundam statue in person!

Gundam Cafe

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Akihabara, for its part, is home to the only official Gundam Cafe, which is also a popular spot for tourists and the many Japanese fans of the series. Inside the cafe, you are completely submerged in the robot's warriors' universe. On large screens are played many of the series while customers enjoy their robot-inspired food and drinks.


The menu is, of course, heavily inspired by the universe of Gundam! You can buy regular meals, drinks, and desserts.

Main Dishes

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You can get this popular Gundam curry for 1,058 yen. Notice how the curry is very pale. This so-called white curry is the cafe's original recipe of butter chicken curry containing cheese.
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You can also order a spicy curry for the same price.
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There are a variety of other dishes that are all about 1,000 yen. Above is the tomato-chicken hodgepodge.


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Amazing latte art! Cafe lattes are 421 yen. Gundam Cafe uses high-quality beans from South America. The special blend is called Jaburo.
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There is a series of calpis fruit non-alcoholic cocktails that are 810 yen.
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Special limited edition series are sometimes sold! This one is the "blue giant star beer mug" (1,620 yen) with a non-alcoholic cocktail.
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There are a few alcoholic drinks too that are served from 17:00. This one is the cranberry and green mint cocktail at 810 yen.


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You can finish off your meal with a dessert such as this melon roll cake for 432 yen.
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Or this soft matcha ice cream that comes with a souvenir cup for 1,620 yen.


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Finally, the store also sells many kinds of Gundam goods. You can get this cup for 1,234 yen.


The Gundam Cafe is just a 1-minute walk from the Denkigai Exit of the JR Akihabara Station.
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