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Hakata Hanamidori - Incredible Chicken Hot Pot in Ginza [PR]

For all chicken lovers, there is an ultimate restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo to enjoy chicken dishes. It is called Hakata Hanamidori, which is famous for the dishes made from "hanamidori" - their own raised chicken. You must experience the amazing chicken hot pot here.

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Hakata Hanamidori (博多華味鳥)

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Hakata Hanamidori is on the 7th floor of a building located in 2 minutes walk away from Ginza Station. It is specialized in the chicken dishes using a special chicken called "Hanamidori". They raise their own Hanamidori, carefully selecting the environment and feed for chicken.

No.1 Menu - "Mizutaki (水たき)"

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One of their signature menu is "Hanamidori Mizutaki" (3750 yen).

They brings a special broth made from their own raised chicken, Hanamidori. Before you put the ingredients in the hot pot, you can taste the soup first. It is simple and light yet flavorful.

What is mizutaki?

Mizutaki is a type of Japanese hot pot where chicken, tofu, and vegetables are cooked in simple broth and dipped in a sauce (usually Ponzu, citrus based soy sauce) when you eat.

Put the chicken and "collagen ball" in the pot

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You first put three kinds of chicken, legs, liver, and minced neck meat. The white ball is called "collagen ball" which is taken from the broth. Collagen is good especially for your skin and hair, so the soup will make you beautiful!

After putting them, try to taste the soup again. It becomes thicker and richer.
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The meat is nice and juicy, which goes well with the tangy Ponzu dipping sauce.

Then, add vegetables

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Put a lot of vegetables, tofu, and noodles and simmer for a while.
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The chicken and vegetables are perfectly blending together in the flavorful broth. After putting veggies, the soup changes again, you can enjoy the natural sweetness of veggies.

Finish with rice or noodles

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When people eat hot pot in Japan, they put rice and eggs or noodles into the left soup. The rice (or noodles) absorbs the soup with a lot of flavors and becomes a delicious dish to wrap up your dinner!

Popular drink - Fruit wine

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Try their popular fruit wines as well as hot pot. You can choose from various fruit flavors like blueberry and orange, all are sweet and refreshing.

Other recommended chicken dishes

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Hanamidori prosciutto and tataki (1530 yen)

The prosciutto made from hamamidori is very tender and juicy.
Tataki is a type of Japanese dish in which ingredients (usually fish) are chopped and roasted on the outside. The chicken tataki has a chewy texture and rich flavor.
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Tsukune (600 yen)

Tsukune is a popular chicken dish in Japan. It is a meat ball made from minced chicken and eggs on a stick. It is coated with a sweet and savory sauce and you dip it into egg yolk when you eat. The meat ball is juicy and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, which go very well with the sauce and egg yolk.

Don't miss their desserts

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They also offer delicious desserts. One of the recommended is a pudding made from the eggs of hanamidori (350 yen). You will be impressed by how rich and creamy it is.

Lunch specialties

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They offer some lunch set meals too. You can enjoy the reasonable hanamidori chicken dishes.

Best chicken experience at Hakata Hanamidori!

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Try their special chicken dishes when you come to Ginza, Tokyo. The restaurant has a nice and calm atmosphere too, which will give you a wonderful dining experience.
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