Updated: September 04, 2017
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Craft Beer Market Kichijoji: Craft Beer For Cheap In The Awesome Town Of Kichijoji!

Craft Beer Market is a well-liked tavern that has a couple of branches across Tokyo. Kichijoji has a popular address that is located just a stone throw away from the station. If you happen to be there, the place is definitely worth checking out!

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Craft Beer Market Kichijoji

Kichijoji pic 008 http://www.craftbeermarket.jp
Craft Beer Market has a laid-back tavern atmosphere. You can have all kinds of craft beer from Japan and around the world. Their philosophy is not to bring you the beers that sell, but rather quality beers that have unique, interesting tastes.
Kichijoji pic 001 http://www.craftbeermarket.jp/

The Beer

The secret to the success of this place is that you get a good selection of up to thirty beers and the prices are totally reasonable. A glass is 480 yen and a pint is 780 yen.
You can order the Japanese standards such as Santori, Asahi and Sapporo Beers. And there are a couple of kinds of beer for each of the following categories: white beers, fruit beers, IPAs, black beers, real ales, ale beers, sour ale, and barely wine.
Craft Beer Market also offers all-you-can-drink "party plans". You get a selection of food and you can choose from the 30 kinds of beers the bar has. Plans vary from 3,900 to 5,000 yen and have a 2 or 2.5-hour time limit.


Another good aspect about Craft Beer Market is the Chinese food they serve.
Kichijoji pic 005 http://www.craftbeermarket.jp
It's difficult to think of a better combination: spicy Chinese food and a cold beer!
Kichijoji pic 006 http://www.craftbeermarket.jp
Gyozas are a pretty standard dish to order with a beer in Japan. Try some there and you won't be disappointed! Most of the side-dishes are between 480 to 1,000 yen.
You can also order western foods. They have french fries, a popular dish of assorted sausages and pizzas.
Craft Beer Market is a great place to hang out with some friends or colleagues. The place is open from 11:00-23:30. Note that there is a cover charge of 324 yen after 3 PM. English menus are available.

Other Great Places

If you love craft beer, make sure to check out these places in Tokyo as well!
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