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Tastes of Multicultural Cuisines: Malaysian Delicacies in Tokyo!

Malaysia is often known as the heaven of delicacies thanks to its diverse cultural background. Going from city to another, the uniqueness in the way dishes are prepared is surely something you cannot miss. Spicy or sweet to the taste, food in Malaysia is usually served as rice or noodles. It is often said that a visit to Malaysia is never complete until you had tried cendol; a refreshing dessert made with shredded ice, topped with green rice jelly and red bean with sweetened syrup and coconut milk. This alone will surely satisfy your cravings!

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Malaysia Malay | 馬来西亜マレー

It is located in Soshigaya Okura. The owners love Malaysia and Asian food, therefore they opened a restaurant on the ground floor of where they actually live. The restaurant has established for more than a decade. It has a cozy interior with wooden pieces of furniture and lamp covered with batik cloth.

The food here is not 100% authentic Malaysian food as the chef prepares it in fusion combining Japanese cuisine and Malaysian cuisine to suit the taste bud of the locals. Recommended items are bak-kut-teh ( pork ribs stewed in savory herbal soup) - 1,705 yen and petai rice (bitter beans or stink beans) - 1,085 yen. Petai may be hard to accept with the strong smell, but it consists of anti-cancer properties.
Img 3336 http://malaysiamalay.s2.weblife.me/menu.html

Malayhu-ko | 馬来風光美食

Malayhu-ko is located in Ogikubo station, a few minutes walk away from the station. The owner is from Ipoh, a state in Malaysia serves family home-cooking style dishes that is open only for dinner time. The restaurant has 13 seats with karaoke facilities where you can have sing-along session after a few sip of alcohol.

The restaurant is famous for the Peranakan or Nyonya ethnic cuisine (descendants of early Chinese migrants intermarriage with local Malays). Recommended items are paper chicken, bak-kut-teh, and fish head curry.

Malaychan | マレーチャン

Tenpo satu1b http://www.malaychan-satu.jp/mc05.html
Malaychan is a chain Malaysian restaurant which covers up the main delights of Malaysia. Malaychan1 is a halal restaurant, where Malaychan2 serves non-halal cuisine that is well-known in Chinese Malaysians society. Kitchen Malaychan is specialized on delivery and catering service.

The restaurant is popular for 3 courses based on the delicacies on different states in Malaysia, such as Penang course - 3,150 yen, Kuala Lumpur course - 4,200 yen, and Johor Bahru course - 5,250 yen. Recommended item is nasi goreng (fried rice) with the price of 1,100 yen, a sunny-side-up fried egg can be topped by another 100 yen.
Rice nasigoreng http://www.malaychan-satu.jp/mc02a.html

Malay Kampung | マレーカンポン

Nec 1209 http://www.malaykampung.com/about.html
It is located in Hacchobori, 10 minutes walk from Tokyo station. There are many scenery posters related to Malaysia attached all over the wall in the restaurant. Moreover, Malay Kampung serves only Halal food. The owner of this restaurant is from Ipoh, a state in Malaysia known for its unique flavor compare to other states in Malaysia.

Malay assam kari ikan (Malay-style assam fish curry) with the price of 2,480 yen is popular and you have to preorder before hand. Other recommend dishes to preorder are roast chicken - 1,480 yen/half; 2,800 yen/whole, yong tau foo ( tofu and other vegetables filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste) - 980 yen/pax, chi-kut-teh (chicken stewed in savory herbal soup) - 1,200 yen.

Penang Restaurant | ペナンレストラン

Penang Restaurant is located nearby Shiba Park. The owner's family are from Penang, a state in Malaysia. The story of the restaurant is that the head chef there has worked as a chef more than decades in Japan and always wanting to introduce authentic Malaysians food to the locals. The restaurant then established at 2012. Interior of the restaurant looks like a traditional hut in Malaysia and has 25 seats where you can come in groups.

Penang Restaurant serves course meals as well as single item menus. Popular item is Asam Laksa (spicy-sour based soup with rice vermicelli) with the price of 980 yen. Other recommended foods are satay (meat skewer) - 160 yen/each, sambal sotong (squid in mixed spices sauce) - 890 yen, ikan bakar (grill fish) - from 2,880 yen, and roti jala (lace-like pancake) - 480 yen.
5c7f33 0280160c052945b497099d0272971f05~mv2 d 1946 1435 s 2 https://www.penang-restaurant.com/noodle01
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