Updated: December 22, 2017
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What Is Abura Soba? Try The New Popular Type of Ramen!

For all ramen lovers, you need to try "Abura soba" out! Abura soba is basically a type of ramen without soup. It might sound weird, but once you have tried, you will get addicted to it. Abura soba originated in Tokyo, and here is the list of hottest abura soba shops there!

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Abura soba

Abura soba is a new type of ramen which has been quite popular in Japan. It is said to be created in the 1950s in Tokyo, then spread throughout the country. Today if you walk into Tokyo, you could easily find the shops specializing in abura soba or ramen shops with abura soba menu.

Abura soba literally means "oil noodles", which sounds weird and greasy. But it is actually delicious and healthier then normal ramen. It consists of thick noodles, toppings, and most importantly, it has "tare" (thick soy sauce) on the bottom of the bowl instead of soup.

How to eat

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1. Mix well the noodles and toppings with "tare" and eat first.
2. All abura soba shops should have vinegar and ra-yu (red chili oil) on the table, which go really well with the noodles. Add them later and mix well again.

Where to eat delicious abura soba in Tokyo?

Tokyo is definitely the hottest place regarding abura soba. As they aren't just tasty but they are also a very cheap and quick meal. People often choose abura soba for lunch or dinner. Here are some recommended shops you need to try!

Tokyo Aburagumi Sohonten (東京油組総本店)

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It is the most famous chain abura soba shop located in major cities of Tokyo, including Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ginza.

They offer all the sizes of abura soba (small, regular, large) at the same price, 760 yen! The chewy noodles are topped with chunks of bamboo shoots, roasted pork, shredded seaweed, and chopped green onions. You mix all with the thick savory sauce on the bottom. You can add other toppings like a soft-boiled egg too.

Yamatoten (山ト天)

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Yamatoten has two locations in Tokyo; Shinjuku and Kyobashi. Both are about a 2-minute walk from Shinjuku or Kyobashi station.

Their abura soba is light yet very flavorful that you can easily finish it. Enjoy changing the flavors by putting the chili oil, vinegar, and chopped onions which will also add texture! One great thing is the regular abura soba costs only 600 yen!
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Kasugatei (春日亭)

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Kasugatei is also a famous chain which has 11 shops in Tokyo. If you feel like a rich and fatty abura soba, this is the place to go.

They are well known for the abura soba with gravy sauce made from pork and chicken simmered for 2 days. When you mix everything and slurp the noodles, the rich flavors of gravy and soy sauce spread throughout your mouth. This is truly addictive.


Abura soba is now one of the hottest noodle dishes in the ramen city, Tokyo. If you come to Tokyo, you need to try it instead of, or as well as ramen!
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