Updated: September 27, 2017
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13 BEST Things To Do in Ikebukuro!

If you travel to Tokyo, you need to visit Ikebukuro! It is one of the biggest cities which is full if the excitement. Here is the list of unique and amazing things you can do in Ikebukuro, which will make your visit complete.

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Take a picture with Ikefukurou

First of all, you need to go say hi to "Ikefukurou", the iconic owl statue located on the basement of Ikebukuro station. You can see a Japanese play on words, "fukurou" (means owl in Japanese) and Ike"bukuro". After getting off the train, follow the "East exit" sign and you can find the statue on the way. It is a famous meeting spot in Ikebukuro.

Interact with actual owls

Did you know owls could be such cute and friendly birds? At Ikefukurou Cafe, only a 1-minute walk from Ikebukuro station, there are over 30 owls waiting for your visit! Find your favorite one while interacting with the adorable owls. You can even let them sit on your head and shoulders! 1500 yen (weekend; 1600 yen) / hour.

Meet more animals

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For animal lovers, they have many different kinds of animal cafes to visit! When you walk through the streets, you will see cat cafes, rabbit cafes, and most surprisingly, even a penguin bar!. Why not take a break with these cute animals and have a unique experience?

Shop at the largest anime store

This place is paradise for anime and manga lovers. A huge tower called Animate, located 5 minutes walk from the East exit of Ikebukuro station, is the main store for the largest anime and manga merchandise store in Japan, selling various goods from the first to the ninth floor! It's very exciting even for those who are not familiar with otaku things.

Shop at more malls

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Ikebukuro is a shopping heaven where you can find anything you want. They have many big shopping malls and other stores lining up on the streets. The major shopping spots are "Sunshine City", "TOBU", and "SEIBU", all of them are a huge shopping mall with many floors full of stores. There are also big electronics shops like "Big Camera" where you can browse a variety of quality electronics.

Enjoy the view of Tokyo

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Tokyo has the two tallest landmarks, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, both are well known for a good spot to watch the view of Tokyo. But, don't you want a view of the city with these iconic towers? Just head to the "SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 observatory". There is an amazing view. and if the sky is clear, you can also see the Japan's highest and most beautiful mountain, Mt. Fuji!

Experience virtual reality attractions

Contents photo 01 http://www.skycircus.jp
At the observatory deck, they have recently opened aerial VR (virtual reality) attractions. You wear the VR device and experience the world like you never have before. One popular attraction is called "TOKYO BULLET FLIGHT", which takes you on a virtual tour of the future in Tokyo from the height of the sky while feeling the wind. Very thrilling and exciting.

Go to the aquarium

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The Sunshine City also has an aquarium on the rooftop of a building. They have a nice relaxing atmosphere which makes you feel like you're in a resort. You can see many kinds of fish and many other sea animals. Also, the shows performed by these creatures are a must-watch.

Enjoy cultural shows

Appearance http://www.geigeki.jp
If you want something cultural, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre is the place to go. It was built for promoting culture and arts by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. There are impressive art performances like dance, music, and more taking place. You can check the list of shows and buy tickets through their website.

Visit temples

Even in such a busy contemporary city, there are several temples and shrines preserved. You can feel Japanese culture and traditions while taking a break at a quiet and serene spot. Shounji temple, located in 8 minutes walk from the west exit of Ikebukuro station, is famous for the long-standing buildings and beautiful garden.

Visit the Chinatown

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Ikebukuro's Chinatown is relatively new, yet offers a kind of authentic Chinese atmosphere. As it is not that big, you can explore the town quickly and pick up some delicious cheap Chinese food. Take the north exit of Ikebukuro station, and you will soon find yourself in a different world.

Eat Ramen

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Ikebukuro is one of the hottest areas for ramen fans. There is a bunch of ramen shops and every bowl is of very high quality, delicious, and yet cheap! You can choose from a variety of specialty ramen like rich "tonkotsu" (pork bone broth), flavorful soy sauce soup, light salt based soup, and so on. You can choose whichever suits your mood!

Try more Japanese food

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Ramen is not the only thing you should eat in Ikebukuro. They actually have much more great dishes, including the typical Japanese food: sushi. It totally depends on what you crave for. Check the links below and see the list of best Japanese restaurants in Ikebukuro.


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You definitely should visit Ikebukuro on your trip to Tokyo! You will have a great unforgettable experience.
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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