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Tunao: Outstanding Sushi Restaurant in the Heart of the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo! [PR]

Tsukiji Fish Market, the largest fish market on the planet, is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Tokyo. People from all over the world go to Tsukiji to see the popular early-morning tuna auction or simply stroll through the market area during the day. When you're there, the question naturally becomes: where should I go to eat some of the market's fine quality, fresh fish? Fish restaurants abound, but one place you should definitely check out is Tunao, a reputable address serving fresh sushi and Donburi (bowl of rice covered in seafood)!

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Tunao - Fresh Sushi and Donburi

Retina store front
Tunao is located in the heart of the famous market. To get there, it will take you about a 5-minute walk from either the Tsukijishijo Station (Oedo Line) or the Tsukiji Station (Hibiya Line).
Retina counter
The restaurant has two floors. On the first floor, you will see a nice wooden counter area from which you can see the sushi chefs at work! The second floor has only table seats.
Retina preparing
There are a few reasons why Tunao serves outstanding sushi. For one thing, the sushi preparation is made by the hands of experienced and skilled sushi chefs. Another reason is that the fish and other ingredients are carefully selected in the market based on their freshness and quality. Finally, the traditional red rice vinegar used at Tunao for making the sticky rice really brings out the taste of the sushi to a higher level than what you would find at most sushi shops.


Retina picture on wall
Tunao is quite tourist-friendly as there are many pictures on the wall showing what you can order.
Retina menu
And menus containing large pictures are available in English and Chinese.

Tunao's 20 Piece Tuna Nigiri Sushi Set

We had the opportunity to try out some of Tunao's amazing dishes for ourselves. We starting with a platter of 20 pieces of tuna nigiri sushi. Note that Tunao specializes in tuna (it's in their name after all). The platter did not disappoint!
Retina sushi platter 2
Notice the different colours of the tuna sashimi. This is because the cuts are different. The fat content, colour, texture and taste varies depending on what part of the tuna you are eating. It was really nice to have an assortment of tuna cuts that allowed us to compare the taste of each cut.
Retina close up red maguro
You get the three basic types of sashimi toppings: lean tuna, medium fatty tuna and fatty tuna. In general the fattier the piece is the more expensive it is. You also get negitoro (top right piece in the above picture). It is a mixture of leek and shredded fatty tuna.
Retina close up white and cooked maguro
The chef also used a torch to grill some pieces. This added even more variety to the platter.
Retina maguro lift
As expected the tuna nigiri platter of 20 pieces was incredibly delicious! At 4,980 yen, it may seem expensive but keep in mind that to eat sushi of this quality you should usually pay about 7,000 yen or more. This is an absolute must-try!

Shiro Bara Don (White Rose Don)

The menu is not limited to sushi. There is this surprising dish called the Shiro Bara Don which consists of a thick meringue made from the tuna!
Retina white don2
It contains lots of collagen. So this is not only visually beautiful and really tasty, but it's actually really healthy too!
Retina scoop white don
Underneath the meringue, you'll dig into the day's best fish cuts and other ingredients such as salmon roe and vegetables. Beneath all of this is a bed of rice. This unique bowl is offered for a limited time and is sold for 1,800 yen.

Sushiya no Tendon (Bowl of Rice Topped with Tempura)

The last thing we tried was the Sushiya no Tendon (tempura pieces on a bed of rice).
Retina ebi don
The presentation is quite impressive. It includes a huge black tiger prawn, tuna, conger eel and various vegetables! There is a nice tare sauce poured on it that goes extremely well with the tempura ingredients.
Retina scoop ebi
You should try this dish just for the tiger prawn. I had never seen a shrimp of that size before. It was also really tasty. This dish is 1,980 yen and it also come with a miso soup. Available for a limited time only.


There are many other really tasty-looking menu items to try! And for about 500 yen you can have cold sake, shochu (Japanese spirit) or different kinds of drinks that go really well with seafood dishes and sushi. Tunao is a must-try restaurant when you are visiting Tsukiji! Open from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM.
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