Updated: October 10, 2017
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Things to do in Shizuoka: the Ultimate Guide!

Shizuoka Prefecture is one of Japan's national treasures for its beautiful nature and traditions in tea-making. It's also the home of the country's most revered mountain: Fuji-san. Shizuoka is not too far from Tokyo, so if you're traveling in Japan, you should definitely consider making Shizuoka an area to explore! Here are some interesting things to do in Shizuoka.

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Mount Fuji

For its near perfect shape and for being such a striking feature of the natural landscape Mount Fuji was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Being located in the Prefecture of Shizuoka, there are so many good locations to look at the majestic giant.
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Contemplating Japan's Iconic Mountain at Miho Beach

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You should try Miho beach, located on the western coast of Suga Bay, for a particularly amazing view of the sea, forest, and mountain!

Viewing from Nihondaira

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Another great spot for looking at Mount Fuji is from the Nihondaira located on a plateau at the center of Shizuoka city. You can see the Japanese Alps, tea plantations, and the Shimizu port as well.

Climbing Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji is beautiful from afar, but for those with enough courage, it's also possible to climb it! The route is safe and well-maintained but you should be aware that you may get altitude sickness if you climb it too fast. The ideal way to climb it is to take a rest at one of the lodges on the way and wake up before sunrise, climb the remainder of the course in order to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain. The best month for climbing it is August.

Hamamatsu City

Hamamatsu is the largest city of the prefecture. It is located in the western part of the prefecture.

Visit Hamamatsu Flower Park

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One of the main attraction of the city is the vast Hamamatsu Flower Park. It located on the shore of Lake Hamana and has over 100,000 plants. There is a huge greenhouse called the Crystal Palace with changing exhibitions. You can enjoy the park year-round. Different flowers will be blooming at different times of the year (cherry blossoms in the spring, hydrangea in the summer, and chrysanthemum in the fall for instance).

Hamamatsu Castle

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Hamamatsu is also home to the reconstructed Hamamatsu Castle. This spot is also well worth visiting if you're passing through Hamamatsu. On a side note, if you like castles, you might also want to check out Kakegawa castle in Kakegawa city.


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The Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka is well-known for having some amazing hot springs, some of which have breath-taking views of Mount Fuji, the forest and the sea!


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Izu is not only known for its onsen, but also for some beautiful beaches! Izu is relatively close to Tokyo (takes about two hours by train to get there), so many people from the city go to Izu for a short summer retreat. You'll find water that is much clearer than what you can see around Tokyo. This is the place for you to go to experience Japan's nice beach summer vibes.
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On the Southern tip of the Izu peninsula is the town of Shimoda which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area for it has beautiful sandy beaches and many onsen resorts.

Marvel at the Tea Plantations!

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This is a common sight you'll see throughout the prefecture. Shizuoka is blessed with the perfect climate and soil for growing tea, hence it has been for hundreds of years the richest region in tea production in Japan! The quality is also beyond compare. Shizuoka green tea is a world-renowned brand of itself. Stop at local tea stores to buy some of the best teas available. Some tea plantations will even allow you to pick tea leaves for a small fee. If you're interested in tea production, you might want to check out a place called Greenpia.
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