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Aged-Beef, Hand-Made Pasta And 100 Types Of Wine At Trattoria Cordiale In Ningyocho, Tokyo [PR]

About a minute-walk from Ningyocho Station, at Trattoria Cordiale you can enjoy refined Italian dishes in a casual setting. There is also a sommelier to suggest perfect wine pairings with the dishes.

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Carefully Selected Ingredients And Perfect Wine Pairings

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About a minute-walk from Ningyocho Station, at Trattoria Cordiale you can enjoy refined Italian dishes in a casual setting. There is also a sommelier to suggest perfect wine pairings with the dishes.

An Antique-Style Decor Where You Enjoy Casual Italian Dining

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The restaurant is in an 80-year-old Japanese house that was renovated for the purpose of this resto. The first floor has counter seats and tables, the second floor is perfect for dates and gatherings, and the third floor has Japanese-style rooms with tatamis.
If you want to be able to speak to the chef, owner, or staff while enjoying your meal, we suggest sitting at the counter on the first floor.

Let's Start With "Kampai"!

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Before the meal, it's nice to start with a glass of wine or sparlking wine to be able to do a "kampai" with your friends or your date.
The restaurant has around 100 wines to choose from, so if you are a little overwhelmed, you can ask the sommelier, who will kindly recommend something nice for you.
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The welcoming sommelier suggested this bubbly to us, and we were very happy with the choice. Even if you aren't a wine connoisseur, the sommelier will kindly you give pointers on wine tasting.
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A glass of Franciacorta BRUT is 900 yen.

This Italian wine has the highest ranking in the DOCG for sparkling wine.

It was perfect for the first drink, as it was dry yet fruity.
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While drinking this delicious wine, we ordered many different dishes. During that time, a wonderful smell came from the kitchen and we could hardly control our excitement as to the dishes we were about to try.

And Now The Appetizers!

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24 months aged prosciutto and two types of figs for 800 yen.

We didn't really know what to get since everything looked so delicious, so we thought that prosciutto was a sure bet.

And oh were we impressed! We were served 24 months aged prosciutto with two types of figs that were caramelized.
The saltiness of the ham went too well with the sweetness of the fruits.
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Pacific saury and eggplants wrapped in ktaifi (shredded phyllo dough) with tomato and basil sauce 950 yen

Not only is it delicious, but the chef is extremely meticulous about the presentation too...after all, you eat with your eyes!
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The presentation is so beautiful that you'll end up, without realizing, taking loads of pictures.

The outside was crispy, yet the inside was fluffy, it was simply exquisite! It had a very interesting texture.

Let's Try The Aged-Beef!

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Before cooking this beautiful piece of meat, the chef explained to us about the marble and the taste of the meat.

At this point, we could hardly contain our enthusiasm.
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Roasted vegetables with garlic confit, anchovies, and black olive sauce for 1,450 yen.

The vegetables were delivered from a farm in Hakone, and 12-13 different types are used for the dish.

It is similar to a bagna caude, except that the vegetables are roasted. You can taste the natural sweetness of the vegetables, it goes great with the Italian salt.
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The Sicilian rock salt goes very well with the sweetness of the vegetables. It leaves an aftertaste which perfectly combines with the vegetables.

Let's Talk About Wine!

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The friendly sommelier suggested some delicious wine to pair with the meat.
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Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles glass for 850 yen.

The sommelier suggested a glass of Liberty School, which paired fantastically well with the meat.
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This A5 quality domestically raised Wagyu beef with wasabi from Hakone is 3,980 yen.

The beef that we were served was beautiful. It had the perfect balance of fat and lean meat.

This A5 ranked beef was aged for 40 days to bring out the taste.
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For the first bite, I tried it as is, out of respect for the chef's talent, and it was so amazing!

Then, I tried it with the Sicilian salt and then with the wasabi. It was like a party in my mouth.

Either way, you can have it as is or with some salt to enhance the taste, and it's exquisite!
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Mussels from Mont-Saint Michel in France, and Porcini mushrooms home-made tagliolini pasta are 1,850 yen.

They do not use any salt to enhance the taste of the dish, as the fresh ingredients speak for themselves...so to speak.

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As you can see, we didn't want to leave anything on our plates. I think it's safe to say it was scrumptious!

Last But Not Least....Dessert!

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This Italian pistachio paste with nuts semifreddo is 800 yen.

The dessert is made with walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts that were caramelized, then frozen and broken into pieces. These were then added to a pistachio paste.

For Traditionally Prepared Italian Cuisine, Trattoria Cordiale!

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At Trattoria Cordiale, you can not only enjoy the fresh ingredients and the chef's savoir-faire, but also the sommelier's wonderful recommendations.
Because of the nice atmosphere, and the staff's friendliness, people tend to come back often.
If you're thinking you'd like a place where you can enjoy delicious wine or perfectly cooked meat, you should try Trattoria Cordiale.
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