Updated: October 16, 2017
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The 5 Best Izakayas (Japanese-Style Bar) in Ikebukuro, Tokyo!

Wondering what and where to eat for dinner in Ikebukuro? Give it a try "izakaya", or Japanese-style bars, where you can try a variety of Japanese food and drinks which are reasonably priced. Here is a list of the most popular izakayas you should go in Ikebukuro!

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Torikizoku (鳥貴族)

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Torikizoku is well known for setting every menu at as cheap as 298 yen, including drinks! There are 10 branches around Ikebukuro station so you would easily be able to find one of them.

The drink menu includes beer, whiskey, wine, sake, and cocktails. Their food menu is mainly yakitori (Japanese traditional grilled chicken on sticks), this is one reason why Torikizoku attracts foreign visitors.
Img01 https://www.torikizoku.co.jp

Isomaru Suisan (磯丸水産)

Mv4 https://www.sfpdining.jp/brand/isomaru/
Isomaru Suisan is a unique izakaya chain. It is also located in several places near the station. You can just google it to find the nearest branch.

At Isomaru Suisan, You can enjoy grilling the seafood on the table by yourself. Their seafood, such as shrimp and scallops, is amazingly fresh. And the great thing is they are not expensive compared to other seafood restaurants and pubs. The atmosphere is very lively.
S 0nz0 https://r.gnavi.co.jp/g111390

Uomori (魚盛)

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If you want to eat sushi and other Japanese seafood dishes while relaxing and drinking, Uomori is the place to go. Less than a minute walk from the 1B exit of the station.

They have a wide variety of seafood items to choose from. You can also get a course menu which includes sashimi (raw fish slices), grilled fish, fried noodles, and more ranging from 3500 yen to 6000 yen. The course also includes all-you-can-drink!
S 0nhv https://r.gnavi.co.jp/g851508

Uraya (裏や)

For all sake lovers, this is the must-visit izakaya in Ikebukuro. Uraya is a small calm izakaya located on B1F of a building, around 5 minutes walk from the east exit of the station.

They have a great selection of sake (over 150 kinds!) from all over the country which you can rarely find at other izakayas and restaurants. Appreciate the taste and flavors of sake with delicious, seasonal appetizers.
B991deqcuaa8je9 https://twitter.com/uraya_jizake

Ikebukuro Base

P018044528 238 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001028527
Ikebukuro Base is hidden and is probably the best izakaya for a date night. They have a calm and kind of elegant atmosphere.

Their menu is mainly meat dishes like wagyu (Japanese beef) steakss and chicken, but as izakayas offer a wide food menu, you can also enjoy seafood and vegetables. They also offer a variety of cocktails as well as sake, beer and whiskeys which go well with the quality meat dishes.
P028244469 238 https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001028527


Hope you have found an izakaya that suits your needs! Drinking at an izakaya is a night culture of Japan, so why not experience while you are in Japan?

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