Updated: October 23, 2017
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Mensho Tokyo - Incredible Lamb Ramen For An Unique Ramen Experience in Tokyo!

Mensho Tokyo is one of the most popular and famous ramen shops in Tokyo. Many people from near and far come to eat their special ramen which is made of lamb broth. Here is the basic information of the must-try ramen shop "Mensho Tokyo" that you need to know before you make a visit!

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Mensho Tokyo

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Mensho Tokyo is a famous ramen shop in Tokyo. The decorations and atmosphere are a kind of mixture of contemporary and traditional Japan where you can relax and enjoy the ramen.
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They have 6 counter seats and 10 table seats.


A minute walk from the 6th exit of Korakuen station
A minute walk from the 6th exit of Kasuga station


Ramkotsu http://menya-shono.com/tokyo
What is unique about this ramen shop is they use lamb as well as pork to make the broth. They have some flavor options to choose from.

Shio (salt)

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The ramen soup is based on the lamb and pork broth which is seasoned with salt and spices. You can taste the rich and mellow flavors of lamb. The regular ramen with a slice of roast pork, pork chunks, bamboo shoots, and chopped green onions is 750 yen. You can add some toppings like a soft-boiled egg.

Soy sauce

Ram nibo ra04 http://menya-shono.com/tokyo
They also offer a soy sauce flavored soup. The combination of soy sauce and the lamb broth is amazing. You will be addicted this very flavorful ramen. The price is same as the salt one.

Tsukemen (dipping ramen)

Ram ton tuke04 http://menya-shono.com/tokyo
Tsukemen is a type of ramen which has been popular in Tokyo area. It comes with chilled ramen noodles and hot and thick dipping soup in a separate bowl. You can enjoy the chewy texture of their homemade noodles and the concentrated flavors of the special lamb-broth-based soup. The regular tsukemen is 780 yen.


You can't miss the unique and sophisticated bowl of ramen when you come to Tokyo. Enjoy the flavorful addictive soup and fleshly made chewy noodles!
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