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Tokyo's Top 10 High-End Sushi Restaurants!

You came to Japan, so why not try the best, luxurious, high-end sushi in this country? Although conveyor belt sushi is fun to experience, you must try the tradition, edo-style sushi to experience eating REAL sushi. Although it is quite pricey, the experience, the quality, the culture, and everything will be totally worth it! I hope you enjoy reading this article that will introduce Tokyo's top 10 high-end sushi restaurants!

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Sushi Dai (Tsukiji)

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Sushi Dai is one of THE most popular sushi restaurants within Tokyo, and is located inside the Tsukiji fish market. You should expect to wait 2-3 hours to eat here.
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So why do people wait for so long to eat here? It's because you can enjoy traditional, high-end Edomae sushi for only ¥3000. As it is located inside the fish market, the chef chooses the best fishes in the morning to make his sushi. The store closes once the sushi runs out, so if you are an early bird, perhaps start lining up from 5:00AM is best.

Kyubey (Ginza)

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Kyubey is one of the best and famous sushi restaurants in Japan. You can experience the Japanese "omakase", which is a type of meal that consists of dishes selected by the chef. You can experience the traditional style of eating Japanese sushi!
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The courses are priced above ¥10,000 even during lunch time, but you will not regret it after you have a bite of this sushi! They serve the most fresh fish of the day so all customers can enjoy the best sushi when eating here.

Matsue (Ebisu)

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Matsue Ebisu is located 2 minutes away from Ebisu station. You can either sit at the bar table or get individual tables for a group gathering.
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During lunch, they have lunch sushi courses ranged from ¥3,240~ ¥6,480, where as during dinner time they only have the "omakase" which starts at ¥10,800. Although it is not cheap, the sushi has a excellent taste to it and you will definitely enjoy the high-quality sushi.

Miyako (Shinjuku)

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Miyako is a sushi restaurant located 9 minutes away from Shinjuku station. It is on the 3rd floor of Hyatt Regency Hotel. As there are only 14 counter seats, the restaurant is very calm and has a cozy atmosphere.
6215665 https://retty.me/area/PRE13/ARE1/SUB106/100000052929
The chef will serve the freshest and finest sushi for you. Although they recommend their omakase course the most, unlike other traditional Japanese sushi restaurants, they also have a la carte sushi menus that allow customers to choose their sushi!

Sukiyabashi Jiro (Roppongi)

00138 pic 03 http://www.roppongihills.com/shops_restaurants/restaurants/00138.html
Sukiyabashi Jiro is a sushi restaurant located inside Roppongi Hills.It is a Michelin 2-starred sushi restaurant, proving its excellent and highly-recognized taste in the sushi that is served. One thing all customers going to this store should remember is that customers are expected to focus on eating the sushi and to eat quickly. This is the tradition of Edo-style sushi.
Image https://www.sushi-jiro.jp
Also, they only have "omakase" likewise to other restaurants introduced previously. This is because they want customers to eat the sushi at the best time of season!

Koufukuzushi (Kanda)

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Koufukuzushi is located 5 minutes away from Kanda station. There are small private rooms for group gatherings, or if you want to eat at the bar seat, you can enjoy watching the chef make your sushi!
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The fish used to make the sushi is carefully selected by the chef from the Tsukiji fish market. You can enjoy, high quality sushi for a rather reasonable price compared to other high-end sushi restaurants.

Kurosaki (Shibuya)

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If you want to try the best quality sushi in Shibuya and you do not mind the price, here is a place for you. Kurosaki is located 7 minutes away from Shibuya station, and it has a much more calm and classy atmosphere compared to the crowded main streets of Shibuya.
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They use the most fresh and delicious sushi of the season, and the chef will make the sushi in front of you!
They only accept customers who made reservations, so make sure you reserve beforehand if you want to eat here!

Isshin (Asakusa)

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After walking 10 minutes from Asakusa, one of the most populated areas of Tokyo with tourists, you will find this Michelin 1-star sushi restaurant. As Asakusa preserves the traditional Japanese atmosphere, this restaurant has a similar taste to its interior and vibe.
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You can enjoy the seasonal tastes of sushi here, but also the rice is exclusive. The chef has a special way of cooking the rice, which makes the sushi extraordinary!

Umi (Minami Aoyama)

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Umi is located 5 minutes away from Gaienmae station, and is open during dinner time. The workers will welcome you with their loud chants and you will have a unique and fun sushi experience here!
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Although the price is pretty expensive, the taste of sushi is extraordinary. If you are in the Aoyama area and want the BEST sushi, Umi is the place to go!

Taku (Nishi-Azabu)

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Taku is a sushi restaurant located 5 minutes away from Nogizaka station, and 15 minutes away from Roppongi station. It has a very classy atmosphere, and you can enjoy a quiet meal in private rooms or enjoy watching and talking to the chef on the counter seats.
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Unlike other traditional restaurants, this restaurant has a sommelier serving wine and champagne and also sake and shochu. Also, it is unique for being open until 1:00 am, as most sushi restaurants close pretty early. Although preserving the conventional, high-quality taste of sushi, the atmosphere and the concept of the store is more modern.


This article reviewed the most high-end sushi restaurants in different areas of Tokyo. Although quite pricey, the taste of sushi is definitely worth the price and going there on special occasions is highly recommended!
I love eating good food and discovering new places to eat. I hope to share with all of you some of the places that I recommend!

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