Updated: November 15, 2017
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You Need To Stop By Kinugawa Onsen On Your Way To Nikko In Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi is a wonderful travel destination as much for its breathtaking scenery as for the delicious local cuisine. You can go onsen hopping on your trip to Kinugawa Onsen on your way to Nikko! We suggest where to go, what to visit and where to stay.

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Kinugawa Onsen

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This region is the perfect place to stop on your way to Nikko! There are tons of gorgeous outdoor onsens to try. As it is by the river, you also have a view on the beautiful scenery.
If you're traveling with your family, there are some really amusing theme parks to visit. As well as outdoor activities that will make you feel so refreshed!
For an absolutely unforgettable Japanese experience, you should stay at a "ryokan" (a traditional Japanese hotel), where you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine, onsen, and sometimes even private baths if you feel uncomfortable being naked in front of strangers.
Below, we suggest what to do, what to see, and where to stay!

Ticket fee

Most ryokan and hotels in the area offer on-location onsens, but for those doing a one-day trip, you can access the onsen for around 500-1000 yen (for adults). There is even a foot-bathing spot for free!

How to get there

<From Tokyo>
-From Asakusa Station: You can take the Nikko-Kinugawa line from Asakusa Station to Kinugawaonsen station. The journey takes 2 hours.
-From Shinjuku Station: You can take the same line and takes around the same time.

<To Nikko>
-You can take the Nikko-Kinugawa line to Shim-Imaichi Station, and transfer to the Tobu-Nikko line until you get to Tobu-Nikko station and it is a 3-minute walk from there. The total journey is around 40 minutes.


There are some really fun activities to do in the area apart from onsen hopping. You can try going to Nikko Edomura, which is a theme park about feudal Japan. You can walk around the small town built to resemble Edo style architecture.

You can also go to the Grand Maze Palladium and try to complete the labyrinth. It's a fun family activity!
Another fun family activity is the Tobu World Square, which is a small-scale replica of famous buildings from around the world!
How about a cruise down the Kinugawa river? You will get to see the nature in the area!


Kinugawa Onsen Hotel

Traditional7 ph m01 https://www.kinugawaonsenhotel.com
This hotel serves a gorgeous buffet, which is a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine. You can also try "Kaiseki" (a traditional full-course Japanese meal) that is served in your room!
There are different available baths on location, some inside, and some outside. You can also rent a private onsen!


Pht rooms04 01 l http://www.kgh.co.jp
This hotel is great because it has open-air baths and private onsens as well! Also, there are two types of Japanese restaurants and a bar on the premises. What is more is that the restaurant provides meals that are Muslim-friendly!


Kinugawa is a beautiful place to visit in Tochigi. There are wonderful onsens with healing properties, lovely hotels, and ryokans to stay at, as well as many activities in the area. If you're looking to have a replenishing vacation, this is a wonderful spot to try!
Lili Wanderlust
I love traveling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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