Updated: November 29, 2017
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There's A Hello Kitty Cafe In Odaiba, Tokyo, Offering A Guaranteed Good Dose Of Cuteness

Many Hello Kitty fans come to Japan to get a taste of the culture that has brought them their beloved cat idol. Kitty fans can rejoice because their craving for cuteness doesn't have to stop with buying stuffed toys of Kitty, they can also indulge in the cuteness at Cafe de Miki in Odaiba, Tokyo.

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Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty

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The Cafe is located in futuristic Odaiba, which is the newest part of Tokyo. The area is huge artificial island that was originally made in the 1850s and greatly expanded during the later part of the 20th century. It is a must-go place if you are visiting Tokyo.
You definitely shouldn't have a problem noticing the storefront of Cafe de Miki when you get there. It's at about a 5-minute walk from the Tokyo Teleport Station, on the 4th floor of the Diversity Tokyo Plaza.
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The interior has a surprisingly sleek and modern design. Many people enjoy relaxing in the cafe while chatting quietly with friends or family.


Of course, people go there to have Hello Kitty-themed decorations on their foods and drinks. Desserts are about 1,000 yen each and they have a pretty good volume. They are all carefully and beautifully made to make it a kawaii feast for the eyes. Many coffees, teas and other drinks come with Hello Kitty latte art.
The fluffy pancakes are a popular choice. You can order for instance a mango pancake dessert plate which comes with ice cream and pieces of fruit along with the pancakes topped with mango cream.
The menu has a lot of matcha items. You can get this matcha latte and Japanese traditional ice cream dish with mochi, whipped cream, and anko sweet beans.
Ice cafe lattes and ice cream cones are a popular choice during the scorching hot Japanese summer.
There are also some afternoon tea sets available for about 2,000 yen. This is a good choice if you want to try out many things and share with someone.
Savory dishes, such as this one, in which the pancakes are topped with some eggs and bacon are on the menu as well. It makes for a hearty meal if you've worked up and appetite walking around Odaiba.
You can also make your meal a burger, soup, and salad set with a drink.


For all you Hello Kitty fans, make sure to put this cafe on your bucket list of places to visit in Tokyo!
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