Updated: November 13, 2017
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Okonomiyaki Lovers: Try These Restaurants in Shibuya, Tokyo

Okonomiyaki is definitely a staple of Japanese cuisine and travelers really love trying it. If you've never had it, Japanese people tend to have a hard time explaining what it is; they call it a "Japanese pizza". But it's more of a mix between a pancake and an omelette, stuffed with all the ingredients you like. Hence the name お好み焼き "Okonomiyaki": cook what you like.

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A 10 minute walk from Meijijigun-Mae or a 20 minute walk from Shibuya; perhaps this restaurant is a little hard to find. This place is perfect for big groups and is colorfully decorated, which makes it very welcoming. You can try the all-you-can-eat or all-you-can-drink option (90 min).Really delicious okonomiyaki made with fresh ingredients, and they even have seasonal dishes.


About a 5 minute walk from Shibuya station, this restaurant is a safe bet, as it is not only cheap, but delicous. We truly suggest the roast beef okonomiyaki. It's an interesting restaurant and worth the visit.

Okonomiyaki Wahaha

This place is only a 5 minute walk from Shibuya station. It has a great atmosphere and offers different types of delicious okonomiyaki dishes. We recommend the kimchi and mochi okonomiyaki, as it is very flavorful and the texture is also interesting.

Monjayaki Masuda-tei

Very close to Shibuya station, this restaurant is very tourist-friendly as they offer English menus and they also explain how to make okonomiyaki. They also have some vegetarian options, which is rather rare for this type of restaurant. We recommend the cod roe and mochi one. This restaurant also specializes in monjayaki, which, simply put, is a messier version of okonomiyaki :)


P1 http://inishina.co.jp/
Closer to the Shinsen station, it is still only a 10 minute walk from Shibuya station. This restaurant is very clean and elegant and a little more refined than your typical okonomiyaki restaurant. The Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is a little different, we recommend the one with cheese and tomatoes as it is an interesting mix of flavors.


It probably helps a little to speak some Japanese as the Japanese menu is not fully translated. However, there is an English menu so you'll be able to get by pointing as the staff is very welcoming and friendly. The okonomiyaki is really delicious! You should also try the yakisoba, another Japanese specialty!

Botejyu Shibuya

P tokyo shibuya miyamasu 02 http://www.botejyu.com
Botejyu has many locations throughout Tokyo, and also in Kanagawa and the Kansai region. They serve Osaka style modern yaki, which is sort of a crossover between yakisoba and okonomiyaki. The most popular menu item is the Botejyu premium yaki, it is made with pork, squid and shrimp, and there's also an egg on top! It's delish!

Jaken Nou- Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki

Jaken Nou is not in a super busy part of town so the patrons are mostly locals. It's great if you want to have a very authentic Japanese okonomiyaki experience. It's great and also a great value!


Okonomiyaki Imari Ebisu is a little secluded as well so it is mostly visited by locals, however, it does get very crowded so you'd better make a reservation if you can. This place is really tasty and reasonable! They have a lot of types of great sake and shochu as well!
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