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Magic Bar In Ginza! Enjoy Fine Dishes And Drinks While Seeing Magic Feats! [PR]

"Ginza MAGIC BAR Tejinakkuru!" is located a 4-minute walk from the Ginza Station. You can spend a relaxing evening enjoying gourmet dishes and sophisticated drinks while being entertained by impressive magic trick performances.

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Magic Shows And Drinks!

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At just the 4-minute walk from the Ginza station, you'll find this original bar that combines good drinks and food and seemingly supernatural feats! It's the perfect place to spend a stress-relieving evening in a comfortable ambiance.

Ginza MAGIC BAR even offers an all-you-can-drink option (90 minutes limit) for 4,000 yen if you arrive before 8 PM, and for 5,000 yen if you arrive before 9 PM. Those prices include the taxes. You can enjoy plenty of original drinks and a great time without worrying about the bill!

Cocktails With Seasonal Fruits

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Left to right: Seasonal Fruits Cocktail (2,000 yen), Gulf Stream (1,500 yen)
The cocktails of vivid colours have a fresh, natural fruity taste! The Seasonal Fruits Cocktail has as much as 1/8 of a melon pressed into it, and the Gulf Stream cocktail is made from blue curaçao liqueur and real pineapple juice.

Cute Red And Yellow Sweet Cocktails

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Left to right: "Kimi no Nawa (your name)" and "Yogi Pine" (1,300 yen each)
Kimi no Nawa is made from cranberry juice and has a sharp taste that is a little sweet and so refreshing. The clear transparent red drink is absolutely a feast for the eyes as well! The Yogi Pine is a mix of yogourt liqueur and pineapple juice. It has a pleasant, slightly creamy texture a sweet taste. These cocktails are especially popular with women.

Not Just Drinks, But Gourmet Foods Too!

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Beef Stew (2,000 yen)
If you're a foodie, you'll love this place. They make their original dishes such as this beef stew that is cooked for 6 hours to make the meat incredibly tender. It has just the right balance of natural sweetness and richness and comes with baguette bread as an accompaniment.

Thick Slices Of "Nakkuru Bacon"

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Nakkuru Bacon (1,200 yen)
You can also order this Nakkuru Bacon, which comes from a meat shop managed by the friend of the Yamato-san, the Bar's owner. These pieces of smoked bacon are really outstanding! The pleasant smokey sent and a mild saltiness that goes wonderfully well with drinks! Squeeze some lemon juice to add some fresh sour taste.

And Then Yamato-san's Magic Show Begins!

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After you've had some drinks and some food, Yamato-san, the bartender, will make you participate in some of his magic tricks!
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You may have seen this kind of card tricks on TV before but having the magic trick performed on you is a completely different feeling! Be prepared for some serious illusion work that'll truly surprise you!

Other Great Tricks Using Flames And Different Skills

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After doing some entertaining table tricks, Yamato-san will take some space to do some more dynamic magic tricks that involve a flame! You'll be dazzled by this one.

While You're Enjoying The Spectacle, Why Not Have Some Dessert?

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Raisin Bread (5 slices, 1,500 yen)
You can have this nice gourmet raisin bread that includes lot of raisin, giving it a natural sweetness that blends with the slightly buttery, salty taste of the dough! The combination is heavenly.

Ice Cream With Liqueur

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"Nakkuru Ice Cream" (1,000 yen)
At MAGIC BAR Tejinakkuru, you can finish off your evening with this ice cream dish that comes decorated with mint and nuts, and has some sweet liqueur poured on it to give it a special taste you'll only find there. You can have cassis liqueur, Kahlua, brandy or even Yamasaki whiskey as a topping. Just ask what you'd like poured on it!

Magic, Drinks and Great Gourmet Foods!

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This is definitely not your typical bar! It's the ideal place to go to have fun in small groups or even on a date for an entertaining evening.
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Remember that you can even have an all-you-can-eat plan that starts at 4,000 yen for 90 minutes. During that time, you'll get to see a magic show by your host, Yamato-san.
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