Updated: December 08, 2017
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New Ice Cream Store in Kyoto Where You Can Customize Your Own Super Cute Cone!

On November 17th a new customizable ice cream and lemonade store, #goody, has opened in Kyoto! On the first floor, you can order your ice cream, on the second floor, you can enjoy the ice cream and take super cute #instagram pics.

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On November 17th a new customizable ice cream and lemonade store, #goody, has opened in Kyoto!
The store hasn't done so much promotion, but they are building a steady Instagram following thanks to their super cute ice cream.

Customizable Ice Cream: Cuteness Overload

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-Normal ice cream is 450 yen.
-#goody's ice cream is 550 yen.
-Chocolate toppings and cookies are 200 yen and up.
How do you customize this cutie?

First, you choose between lemon, milk or a mix soft cream ice cream.
Then, You choose one of the 10 awesome cones.
After, you choose one of the 5 types of colorful chocolate, one of the 12 types of cookies.

And there you have it, your completely unique and kawaii ice cream cone.

#goody's Different Flavors

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#goody lemonade is 850 yen and up.
#goody serves a unique flavor, lemon! Customers love all the homemade flavors and goodies made in store!

The lemonades are popular not only because they are very photogenic, but also because they are delicious. You can choose between orange, kiwi, orange, and grapefruit!

#goody's Cute Decor

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The store's decoration theme is to be happy with #goody. You can come enjoy the ice cream on the 2nd floor and hang out with your friends. It's the perfect place to take cute pics!


If you're in Kyoto, you should stop by this shop for delicious ice cream with only one version in the world, yours! Let's go during the Christmas season!
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