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Kani Doraku: Your Only Choice To Enjoy Crabs In Japan!

King of the winter foods, crabs are popular and eaten all over the world, including Japan. There are many crab dishes but if you want to enjoy some crabs Japanese style, our recommendation is "Kani Doraku". Kani Doraku is the biggest and the most famous crab restaurant in Japan. This post will introduce where Kani Doraku is and what you can enjoy in Kani Doraku.

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"Kani Doraku"(かに道楽)

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"Kani Doraku" is the most well-known crab restaurant in Japan. Founded in Osaka in 1960, Kani Doraku has been running the top of all crab restaurants.

Recently, among foreigners, Kani Doraku is famous for its unique moving signboard, which is now a distinctive feature of Dotonbori, Osaka. Not only Japanese but many tourists from around the world visit Kani Doraku and take photos of the famous signboard.

The original restaurant of Kani Doraku is located in Dotonbori, Osaka but Kani Doraku has many branches in many big cities in Japan.


Osaka Area

Retina map kansaihamamatsu edit
In the Osaka area, there are 5 Kani Doraku you can go to. It is quite astonishing that 3 of 5 restaurants are located on the sides of Dotonbori! There are no differences in what they serve.

Tokyo Area

Map kanto en http://douraku.co.jp.e.at.hp.transer.com/kanto/
Shinjuku Honten, the main restaurant in Tokyo, is located in the center of Tokyo. There are 10 restaurants in total in Tokyo and 13 restaurants in the Kanto region.

Enjoy the ultimate Japanese crab dishes!

"Kanisuki/Kani nabe"(かにすき/かに鍋)

1709kanto kanisuki https://douraku.co.jp/kanto/shinjyuku_h/menu/?menu=1709_kanto1709_kanto_kanisuki
Their signature dish is the "Kanisuki", which is easily translated as crab hot pot. Kani Doraku is actually the origin of all kanisuki.

The ingredients and tastes are very simple, but as you might already know, simple can be the best.

3,600 yen/person (without tax)

Kani Shabu(かにしゃぶ)

1709 kanto kanisyabu https://douraku.co.jp/kanto/shinjyuku_h/menu/?menu=1709_kanto1709_kanto_kanisuki
"Shabu shabu", always on the top list of foreigner's favorite Japanese food, is also something you can enjoy at Kani Doraku, although you cook crab legs instead of sliced meat in the pot in front of you.

4,400 yen/person(without tax)

Adding extras for your Kanisuki/Kani Shabu

<Price> (without tax)
Additional crabs 2,800 yen
Additional crab legs for Kani Shabu 3,700 yen
Additional vegetables each 1,000 yen
Zosui 500 yen
Udon 300 yen

Other unique crab dishes you can only have in Kani Doraku!

Kani Sushi(かに寿司)

1310 nigiri https://douraku.co.jp/kanto/shinjyuku_h/menu/?menu=kanisusi_shinjyuku_h
Kani Doraku offers different types of kani sushi such as raw, boiled, zuwaigani(zuwai crab) and so on. They also have some sushi assortments for the ones who want to try all kinds!

2,000 yen(without tax)

Kani Sashi, Crab sashimi(かに刺し)

Sashimi https://douraku.co.jp/kanto/shinjyuku_h/menu/?menu=ippin_shinjyuku_h
Of course, you have eaten crab before, but have you ever tried it raw? Since Kani Doraku offers only fresh crabs, you can even enjoy them in sashimi style. How astonishing these can be!

1,500 yen(without tax)

Kani Tempura(かに天ぷら)

Tenpura https://douraku.co.jp/kanto/shinjyuku_h/menu/?menu=ippin_shinjyuku_h
Kani Doraku even offers crabs in tempura! The soft gently fried crabs are extremely delicious! It's definitely worth a try!

1,800 yen(without tax)

"Kani Doraku" is one of the crab restaurants you can't afford not to try!

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When you want to have some crabs in Japan, our recommendation is "Kani Doraku". They offer traditional crab dishes with great quality throughout the year.
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