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Enjoy Karaoke And Tasty Foods At Doremifa Club, Toyocho Station, Tokyo! [PR]

Doremifa Club in Toyocho, Tokyo, is a karaoke bar with private rooms that offers some tasty hearty foods! You can have a 300g Hamburg steak for instance! Appetizers, drinks, and desserts are also on the 70+ item menu! 24h open. Sing all night long (or all day) while eating great food!

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Doremifa Club: A Karaoke Bar That Actually Serves Good Food

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The karaoke bar is located a 2-minute walk from the Toyocho Station in Tokyo. This is Doremifa Club Toyocho Location. Doremifa Club is a karaoke chain that is developing in Tokyo and Okayama Prefecture.
Even if you aren't into singing, you might actually like this place. Unlike other karaoke bars that don't put effort in offering good food, Doremifa Club offers a surprising selection of hearty menu items. You can choose from over 70 items on a menu that includes a good variety of meals, side dishes, sweets and drinks.

Here's the information for the store near Toyocho Station (東陽町駅). Below are some popular menu items you'll find there.

300g Of Homemade Stewed Hamburg Steak!

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Large Stewed Hamburg Steak (¥980 taxes not included)
Meat lovers will love this. Most Hamburg Steaks are about 150 to 180g, this one is a whopping 300g! Because it's stewed in tomato-based sauce, the meat is very tender and juicy and it has a deep savory flavor many people love.

Spare Ribs To Accompany Your Drinks

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Spare Ribs Made From Japanese Pork (¥880 taxes not included)
This recipe comes directly from a French Chef. It uses excellent quality Japanese pork that is cooked for about 2 hours. This results in very tender meat. The sauce has a savory and sweet which makes a great accompaniment to beer or high-ball drinks!

Half A Chicken Of Karaage!

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Karaage Chicken (¥980 taxes not included)
This karaage is made by deep frying half a chicken. The skin is really crispy and the juiciness of the meat is kept inside. You can have it as is, or it comes with some salt and some basil oil which goes really well with it too.

Some Nice Side Menu Items Too

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Roasted Squid that comes from the Sea of Japan (¥880 taxes not included)
This squid comes from the Sea of Japan. It's frozen directly on the fishing boats which guarantees a high level of freshness. The soy sauce flavoring brings out even more the fresh taste of the sea.
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Healthy Vegetable Sticks (¥340 taxes not included)
You can get some daikon, cucumbers and carrot sticks accompanied by Doremifa Club's original dipping sauce. This is a good accompaniment to pasta dishes.

If You've Worked Up An Appetite...

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European Style Spicy Curry With Pork Cutlets (¥840 taxes not included)
This one might be for you if you're really hungry. It's a curry stew made from European herbs and spices that comes with rice and some deep fried pork cutlets. The coating of the cutlets is really crispy and the curry sauce goes really well with the meat.

You Can Have Some Noodle Dishes As Well

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Shoyu Ramen (¥580 taxes not included)
Ordering some Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce based ramen) is a nice way to end your karaoke night! Simple, yet delicious dish with lots of crisp green onions.

For Those That Have A Sweet Tooth

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Caramel Honey Toast (¥580 taxes not included)
If you're craving something sweet, Doremifa Club has that covered too. This honey toast dessert is topped with whipped cream, honey, and caramel. The bread is cut into bite-sized bits so it's easy to share.

Free Soft Drinks And Soft Serve Ice Cream

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Everyone can enjoy the drink and ice cream bar for free at Doremifa Club Toyocho Station Location!
You get free non-alcoholic drinks and ice cream just by using the karaoke facilities. You can even add an all-you-can-drink option of alcoholic drinks for ¥1,500 if you choose a three hour course. Prices for three hours of karaoke start at ¥2,000.

Opened 24 Hours!

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Great karaoke fun and a menu from which you can order over 70 items. Does that sound good to you?
This is one of the rare karaoke bars that is opened 24h near the Toyocho Station. You can stay until 11AM the next morning with their unlimited time plan that starts at night. With the good food offered and with the company of good friends, you might actually want to stay until then!
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