Updated: May 24, 2017
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Unique Experience in Tokyo: Bird Cafes

There are many types of animal cafes in Tokyo, the most famous ones are "neko cafes" (cat cafes), but there are also ferret cafes, rabbit cafes, etc. Let us introduce here the top 5 bird cafes in Tokyo.

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Kotori Cafe

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Kotori cafe has three branches in Tokyo: Omotesando, Kichijoji & Shinsaibashi.
When entering, you can see a variety of colorful birds flapping around behind glass.
If you want a one-on-one petting session, you need to pay an extra ¥500 for 5 minutes.
There isn't a cover charge, but you are expected to order one drink (¥800).
They also serve delicious and cute looking bird cakes. You can also buy some stuffed animals to bring back as a souvenir.
18096199 1916839195252593 1582331729270538240 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BTUBaaWhdhp/

Falconer's Cafe

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This cafe is about a 20 minute walk from either Kichijoji or Mitaka station. It is located near the Ghibli museum, so you will have to walk passed it and by the park. The walk in itself is quite relaxing and you can spend time at Inokashira park afterwards. At the Falconer's cafe, birds are kept within a glass enclosed room. And patrons are even are allowed to bring in their own predatory birds.
You can also order different dishes, such as curry, and drinks.
O https://goo.gl/3fYU3G

Tori no Iru Cafe

Concept image http://toricafe.co.jp/en/asakusa-en
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Torinoiru Cafe has two branches: one in Roppongi and one in Asakusa.
The cafe system: The first hour is ¥1,500, an extension is ¥300, and a 30-minute trial period is ¥1,000. You have to order a drink and then you can pay ¥500 to enter the owl enclosure. You will get a glove to have the birds perch on your arms. It's really a fun experience.You can also order coffee and a variety of sweets (named after the birds).
14624679 1222267454477895 5436953637777571840 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BO2gZFFAMPw/

Owl Village

Tenpo001 http://owlvillage.jp/english/index.html
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The owl village has two branches: one in Kichijoji and one in Harajuku (the price and opening hours differs). In this rather small cafe, the welcoming staff leads you to the owls and lets you pet the friendly owls. It was a great experience.
17662309 1814295065501642 579223451361869824 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BSa2-XMj1i4/

Pakuchi Bar 8889

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Located a few minutes away from Takadonbaba station, this place is rather unique in the sense that it is an owl cafe on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 13:00-17:00. The restaurant normally operates as a coriander-specialized restaurant otherwise.
The cover charge is ¥1,000 and includes one drink.
All the owls are named after famous rock stars. Wouldnt you like to meet Lou (Reed) the Tawny owl?
The cafe offers (coriander) dishes, such a coriander garlic steak.
Dfa6b3 2c5fa3f2820943f6907f4999fb7da0df http://babapaku8889.wixsite.com/8889/blog
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