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Tanakaya: An Amazing Yakiniku Restaurant In Roppongi Serving A5 Japanese Beef From Kumamoto! [PR]

Tanakaya is located a 7-minute walk from the Roppongi Station. It offers a yakiniku experience of fine quality. It serves the rare Amakusa-Kuroushi beef from Kumamoto Prefecture at a reasonable price!

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Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture Beef Served In Roppongi

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Tanakaya partners with the beef producer Tanakachikusan of Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture. Amakusa is a region surrounded by the sea. The cattle is raised with great care amid the salty sea breeze. The beef is renowned for its mild taste and deep umami. Only 400 cows are produced in the Amakusa region so this restaurant is one of the very few places you can try this A5 rank Japanese beef.
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The interior has a traditional Japanese decor. There are some private rooms equipped with long tables. The whole restaurant has a refined atmosphere and comfortable dining spaces where you can relax while eating excellent food.

Japanese Yakiniku

Japanese yakiniku, or Japanese BBQ, is one of the most popular types of cuisine in Japan. Notice how there is a roaster embedded into each table. The way you enjoy yakiniku is by being served the slices of raw meat and grilling them yourself at your table! Special sauces called yakiniku tare are also served as a dipping sauce for your pieces of meat. Tanakaya is an amazing place to have a memorable yakiniku experience, both for the ambiance of the restaurant and the quality of the ingredients served.

Marbled Japanese Beef At Tanakaya!

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Wagyu, or Japanese beef, is known for its excellent quality. You'll find the quality you expect from this Amakusa beef. You can order marbled steak, lean steak, first-rate "karubi" (ribs) and loins, ribs, shoulders and many more cuts.
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Some pieces are better enjoyed when they are grilled on low heat such as the one shown above, which is a shoulder cut.
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Once grilled, add some of the house's salt and wasabi and enjoy the piece of fine Amakusa beef. The juicy piece will melt in your mouth and the wasabi and salt will accentuate the naturally sweet and savory flavor of the beef.
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This is the best part of the rib roast. There is only a small quantity of it per cow. They serve it in thin large pieces so it's better to cut them into smaller pieces. Grill both sides and enjoy the sublime, tender meat!
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Try the meat with their fruity-savory tare sauce and you'll have a whole different experience! The sweetness of the tare goes really well with the saltiness and fat of the meat.
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This rib roast cut is one of the most popular among yakiniku lovers. For this one, no need to dip it into the fruity tare sauce, the simple salt seasoning is enough to make it a delectable bite. It has a rich oily taste at first but the aftertaste is surprisingly light.
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These are sirloin cuts in small blocks with green peppers that are also produced in Kumamoto Prefecture. The meat is extremely tender and the green peppers add a nice freshness to your meal.
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This cut of meat called "misuji memory" is one of the most beautiful you can find at Tanakaya. It's perfectly speckled and has some finely cut green onions as a topping.
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It even comes with its own special tare sauce made from a kind of bitter orange called daidai. The meat is tender and juicy and goes really well with the sauce's acidity.

Side Dishes

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Tanakaya has some original side dishes you should try. The three plate set pictured above are all specialties from Kumamoto Prefecture. You can also order some kimchi, which goes extremely well with yakiniku meat.
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You can also order these beef-flavored rice balls accompanies with a kind of miso soup that is made from "sakura miso" that is also from Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture. The soup has a mild sweet taste that is a characteristic of the miso used.

Alcoholic Drinks

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There are over 100 kinds of alcoholic drinks on the menu at Tanakaya! Ask for something that will go well with the meat you've ordered and the staff will be glad to recommend something.


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The Roppongi course is the one that is the most recommended by the restaurant. It is ¥6,000. You will get many of the items listed above. This is an excellent price for the quality!

Renowned a la carte items, such as the "misuji memory" meat mentioned above, start at about ¥999. You can order everything a la carte if you want.
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