Updated: May 23, 2017
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How to Enjoy Japanese Curry in Tokyo

Japanese curry is probably the number one comfort food for Japanese. It is often eaten at home. It is different from Indian curry, as it isn't as spicy; and it also different from Thai curry. It is usually eaten with potatoes, carrots and meat (pork, beef or chicken). But this isn't the only way to eat it.. Here are some of the most popular and delicious ways to eat Japanese curry.

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Kare Raisu カレーライス

The most typical way to eat Japanese curry is カレーライス (Kare raisu). It is a curry sauce typically with potatoes, carrots and meat, it is then poured over white rice.
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One of the many places you can try Japanese curry in Tokyo is at Japanese curry rice Moyan curry. The original restaurant is in Shinjuku, but now has branches all over Tokyo. The particularity of this restaurant is that it is slow-cooked for two days, and then matured for two weeks, which gives it it's deep curry flavor. There is an impressive array of dishes to try from. For curry rice lovers, this is a go-to!
Living http://www.moyan.jp/
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Curry Udon

Curry udon consists of udon noodles mixed with Japanese curry and tsuyu-dashi soup broth and soy sauce. It makes for a heartwarming bowl of deliciousness.
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One of the best places to enjoy curry udon in Tokyo is at Maruka Udon. Its popularity is undeniable when you look at the daily long queue. At this restaurant, you really get a bang for your buck! The dishes are delicious and are offered for around ¥500, and you can upgrade the size for only ‎¥60. The udon noodles were the right consistency and the broth was flavorful!
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Curry Bread カレーパン

Curry bread is curry wrapped in (usually sweet) dough which is then deep fried. Delicious!
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In order to try curry bread, you should definitely head to Cattlea to try the original curry bread. It is crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, and it has a large portion of flavorful curry.
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Katsukare カツカレー

Katsukare is curry rice with a breaded deep-fried cutlet (pork or chicken) on top.
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One of the most popular places to try katsukare is at Oroji.The tonkatsu set is cheap and delicious. Sure there is a queue outside, but it is worth the wait! The pork cutlet is very crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This goes very well with beer ;)
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Yakikare 焼きカレー

It is curry rice, usually topped with an egg and baked in an oven.
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A good place to try yakikare is at sanchome no kare ya san, although it isn't the easiest most English-friendly (the sign and menu is in Japanese), but it's definitely worth trying! It is very popular with locals. The atmosphere is very kissaten (old japanese cafe) style.
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