Updated: January 30, 2018
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How To Hanami: The Perfect Way To Enjoy Cherry Blossoms In Japan!

Hanami, which is cherry blossom viewing, is an event you cannot miss if you are staying in Japan in Spring! Not just only in Tokyo but there are so many places where you can enjoy the blooming of cherry blossoms. But in order to enjoy your hanami 100%, there are a few items and directions which you need to prepare and follow.

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What is Hanami(花見)...?

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Hanami(花見) is a seasonal event in Japan in the Spring. How to enjoy hanami? Very simple. Just have a look at the beautiful cherry blossoms!

You can easily enjoy hanami by just looking around, but with several more tips, it can become more of an even more enjoyable experience. We will introduce you to the equipment and rules when you do hanami.

Rules of hanami

Rule1: Take proper care of your garbage. Be careful not to mess up the beautiful scenery with your trash!

Rule2: Follow the rules of the park. Some parks prohibit entering past a certain hour.

And also needless to mention, behave yourself. Cherry blossoms are for everyone who would like to enjoy hanami.

Useful things to bring to enjoy hanami

Picnic sheet

In order to enjoy hanami, picnic sheets are a must because you'll be sitting on the ground. Cardboard will also be helpful to make a place to rest.

Paper dishes, cups

One major enjoyable feature of hanami is to share your lunch with everyone. Paper dishes and cups will be very useful. You can easily purchase them at any 100 yen shop.

Garbage bag

Since leaving your trash behind is not a good idea when you enjoy hanami, it would be better to bring a garbage bag with you. The bigger the better.

Bento, lunch box

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Bring your favourite bento box! By eating outside while watching cherry blossoms, they will surely taste more delicious than usual!


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This is completely optional, but hanami-dango is a sweet you can enjoy while you do hanami. By the way, the famous saying "Hana yori dango" (More of food than scenery) comes from the combination of sakura and hanami-dango.

Yozakura(夜桜): The illuminated sakura

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Aren't you just thinking that hanami is something you only enjoy during the day!? Quite not right. Go see yozakura(night cherry blossoms) to enjoy sakura after the sunset. Many famous hanami places will be illuminated.

Around Tokyo, Meguro river, near Nakameguro station, is a popular place that you can visit to see yozakura.
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