Updated: May 24, 2017
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A List of Japanese Shaved Ice in Kyoto

Summer is gradually approaching, and it gets really hot especially in Kyoto. Do you feel like cooling down and chilling with a Japanese shaved ice? Check out the following list!

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Bunnosuke Chaya Honten (文の助茶屋 本店)

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About a 15 minute walk from Gion-shijo station, you will find a traditional looking cafe that serves satisfying Japanese shaved ice. Japanese people love roasted soybean flour called "kinako", and their popular menu is "Inaka-goori" which served with kinako syrup, warabi-mochi (mochi covered with kinako), and kinako flavored ice cream on top. It might be a good idea to take a bus from Gion-shijo station especially when it is boiling hot!
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Gion Tokuya (ぎおん徳屋)

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A 6 minute walk from Gion-shijo station, this place offers green tea shaved ice and melting warabi-mochi. They also have a limited seasonal flavored shaved ice such as strawberry. However, their limited flavor is very popular and sells out really quick, so hurry!
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Tasuki (たすき)

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About a 4 minute walk from Gion-shijo station, located right next to a river, Tasuki is very famous for their seasonal flavored shaved ice that changes every month. People line up for few hours to try Tasuki's shaved ice, and it could take a while before you get a seat. So it may be a good idea to plan wisely and have plenty of time. Apart from their seasonal flavor, they have green tea, Houjicha flavored shaved ice, as well as other lunch menu.
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One of the seasonal flavors: Sakura Mochi Shaved Ice


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Established in 1883, this place is famous for their Japanese sweets, especially Mugitemochi, a wheat flour covered mochi with brown sugar bean paste inside. They also have different flavors of shaved ice, such as strawberry and mango as their seasonal menu. It takes about 11 minute by walking from Katsura station, or just a minute walk if you take a public bus 33 to Katsurarikyu-mae stop.
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A 10 minute walk from Gion-shijo station, inside Yasaka Shrine, this place is famous for its unique shaved ice. They offer various flavors including green tea, houjicha, kiwi, plum liquor, plum, and strawberry.
Nikenchaya offers cafe menu as well as lunch and dinner, and right beside Nikenchaya, there is Nakamurarou (中村楼), a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Kyoto cuisine.
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Umeshu (Japanese Plum Liquor) shaved ice
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