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Need A Stamina Charge? Get Yourself A HUGE Yakiniku Meat Bowl At "Yakinikudon Tadon" In Akihabara, Tokyo [PR]

At a 5-minute walk from the Akihabara Station, Yakinikudon Tadon serves up to 800g bowls of rice topped with yakiniku meat with a delicious Japanese tare sauce. If you're looking for something hearty to eat, this place should satiate your appetite!

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Yakinikudon Tadon Serves Huge Bowls Of Grilled Meat Topped On Rice

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The restaurant is easily accessible from the Akihabara, Suehirocho or Ochanomizu stations. It is the main branch of the restaurant which specializes in what is called yakiniku don, which are bowls of rice topped with meat grilled Japanese BBQ style. They are served with a nice savory, and a little sweet and spicy tare sauce.
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It's the ideal place to get a very reasonably price hearty meal. The BIG don weighs around 800g with its generous amount of yakiniku topping and is just ¥1,300.

BIG don! The Bowl That Weighs A Whopping 800g

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BIG don (¥1,300)
It's very simple to order. Just buy your ticket at the vending machine, give it to the kitchen staff and wait 7 or 8 minutes for your meal to be served. Seeing your order arrive should get your mouth watering. Aside from the generous amount of meat, there is a soft-boiled egg as a topping.
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On the right of this picture is the BIG don and on the left is the regular sized one. You can see that it's significantly bigger.

2 Types Of Beef, Pork and Chicken In One Bowl

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You get to enjoy 4 types of meat in one bowl. What's more, the sauce has the perfect balance of spices and has a deep savory and a little sweet taste.

Have Some Kimchi As Well At No Extra Charge

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Yakiniku Tadon offers some kimchi as a free condiment to add to your bowl. After eating half of your bowl, you can try it with the kimchi to give it a different twist. Kimchi goes so well with Japanese yakiniku.
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The kimchi is served in its own vase-shaped bowl.

Other Mouth-Watering Menu Items

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Pork loin don (buta rohsu don) (¥700)
The pork loin don is topped with tender meat that is seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce, which goes perfectly well with the natural sweetness of the pork. On top of that you also get some crisp stir-fried bean sprouts.

Kashiwa don: Enjoy It Two Ways

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Kashiwa don (¥700)
This bowl is topped with chicken meat, a soft-boiled egg and flavored with miso-based sauce. It is recommended to eat it as is at first.
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It comes with a chicken broth which you can pour in it to make it an "ochazuke", which is a warm and comforting traditional Japanese dish.


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If you're craving something meaty and filling, Yakinikudon Tadon is the place to go in Akihabara. Make sure to give it a try next time you go there.
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