Updated: February 23, 2018
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University Sweet Potato?? Easy Japanese Sweet Potato Recipe!

University sweet potatoes? Such a strange name, but such a delicious snack! How did this delicious snack get its name, and how to make it at home!

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大学芋 (Daigaku Imo) means University Sweet Potato??

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Daigaku imo is basically candied sweet potatoes! It's an incredibly simple, yet delicious recipe to make at home!
But how did it get its strange name? Daigaku imo literally means "university potatoes", although the origin is unclear, it is said to have gotten the name because during the Taisho era, there was a sweet potato shop that was very popular among University students. It was a cheap, quick and filling snack for busy University students.

Daigaku Imo recipe!

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-3 or 4 medium-sized sweet potatoes
-2 tbsp of sugar
-2 tbsp of soy sauce
-2 tbsp of mirin
-1 pinch of salt
-Black sesame seeds

1. Wash the sweet potatoes, cut them into chunks, and leave them in water for about 5 minutes.
2. Place the sweet potatoes in a microwave resistant bowl with saran wrap and heat it for 5 minutes, they should have a yellowish color.
3. Wipe off the excess water with a paper towel and fry them for 5 minutes,
4. In a deep pan, mix the sugar, soy sauce, mirin and salt.
5. Transfer the sweet potatoes into the pan with the sugar mix.
6. Mix to get the sauce all over the sweet potatoes, but don't cook it for too long as it will likely burn.
7. Transfer them to a plate and add some sesame seeds to add an interesting flavor and texture.


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So now that you know the origin of this interesting snack and how to make it, you can also enjoy it at home! It's delicious as a snack or a side dish for a Japanese meal! Cheers!
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