Updated: March 14, 2018
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The 10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Kyoto!

Kyoto is a great place to try vegetarian cuisine! Whether you have a dietary restriction, or you're looking for Kosher or Halal restaurants, or you just want to fill up on veggies, you should check out these awesome vegetarian restaurants in Kyoto! Half are fully vegetarian or vegan, while the rest are vegan-friendly restaurants. They are all unmistakenly delicious!

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Vegans Cafe & Restaurant

Vegans Cafe & Restaurants serves vegan dishes as well as organic food! If you are looking for healthy dishes, try this place. They are also very careful about food allergies, so you can enjoy their food without worrying. If you would like to try their oriental vegetarian menu, reservation is required. They have so many different dishes, makes you want to try them all! Around an 8 minute walk from Fujimori station.
Dishes are around 1,000 yen, and 540 yen more if you want to make it into a set! They have Japanese style cuisine, as well as pizza!
If you're vegan but are trying to try ramen, you should have the organic ramen (misp or soymilk).

mumokuteki cafe&foods Kyoto

Familyroom http://mumokuteki.com/cafe
Mumokuteki cafe is a cafe that uses fresh vegetables and uses them as is as much as possible. They offer delicious and healthy meal sets, which include brown rice, fresh vegetables, miso soup, and meat-like tofu. I couldn't recommend this place highly enough. It's healthy Japanese cuisine, but suited for vegetarians. How lovely! It is suitable for people with Kosher or Halal diets, and of course vegans and vegetarians!
Guru http://mumokuteki.com/cafe

Veg Out

This beautiful cafe is located on the banks of the Kamogawa river, you can enjoy delicious and healthy vegetarian cuisine in relaxing setting.
Lunch is about ¥1,000-¥1,500. You get a tasty and colorful lunch set.

Organic house Salute

This place is not the easiest to find, but you'll be so glad you did!This place serves magnificent and skilfully prepared vegan cuisine. Healthy vegans and junk-food vegans alike will agree that it's delicious! The vegan burger is particularly popular!

Veggie Cafe

The owner prepares everything on his own from scratch. Furthermore, everything is vegan and organic! This place is highly regarded by vegans and non-vegans alike because of the quality of the food and the flavor of the dishes! The burger is really popular, you should try it for yourself!


Shigetsu is a wonderful place to try Zen Vegetarian cuisine. Taking into consideration Buddhist ideals, this restaurant does not use any animal products to make their dishes. Everything is carefully prepared using only seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If you want a true taste of zen, you should try this!
Courses are between ¥3,000-¥7,000 and you can book a reservation online from their website. I think that eating within a temple makes for an amazing experience. If you would like to try traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, please follow the link below.
Img getsu thumb 500x399 173 http://www.tenryuji.com

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:


Biotei sign 224x300 http://www.organickyoto.com/biotei/
This restaurant offers macrobiotic meals and doubles as a grocery supplier. They aren't completely vegetarian, but they have delicious vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant aren't stingy with the vegetables, so come here to try delicious and healthy cuisine!
Biotei dinner set 300x223 http://www.organickyoto.com/biotei/

Falafel Garden

Falafel homes02 http://www.falafelgarden.com
This Israeli resto, although not vegan has many delicious vegetarian and vegan options such as the falafel, hummus, baba ghanoush or avocado sandwich. The sandwiches are all about 1,000 yen for lunch. And dinner plates start at 2,000 yen. The mixed plate is vegan and comes with hummus, falafel, vegetables, pita, etc.
Falafel foods01 http://www.falafelgarden.com

Arash's Kitchen

3a122f 33ea091800e14339a902ecb2b3306743~mv2 https://www.arashskitchen.net/
Although Arash's Kitchen isn't a vegetarian restaurant per se, they are rated as the best Persian/Indian restaurant in Kyoto! They have a lot of vegetarian dishes, such as stews and Indian curry. It's delicious and the service is outstanding. Lunch is about ¥1,000, there aren't a lot of vegetarian options for lunch except for the vegetable curry. N.B it is a Halal restaurant.

Gojo Paradiso restaurant bar

Gojo Paradiso is a welcoming space for International tourists and locals alike. They are not a vegetarian restaurant, but they have a lot of vegetarian-friendly dishes, such as pizza, salads and pita falafel. They have really nice hummus and the falafel is delicious too!


Within these choices, you're bound to find a restaurant you will get hooked to!
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