Updated: November 11, 2017
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Where to Go for the Best Kushikatsu and Kushiage in Tokyo

Here are eight amazing places to get kushikatsu and kushiage in Tokyo! Nothing better than eating a crunchy breaded piece of meat on a stick! Kushiage and Kushikatsu is a popular pub-style Japanese dish that can only be described as crunchy deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables. Kinda like tempura on a stick but dipped in a sweet and salty sauce! Particularly popular with city workers and students, these restaurants are great for food and drinks after a long days work!

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1. Hantei はん亭根津

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Hantei serves up top quality kushiage at in its gorgeous architecturally designed space. Offering a bit of a modern twist in a traditional setting. Located only a a two minute walk from Nezu station on the Chiyoda Metro line.

Make sure you order the small crabs! Delicious!
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2. Shinjuku Tatsukichi 新宿立吉

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With beautifully designed interior Tatsukichi provides a bit more of a chic setting to enjoy kushikatsu. Perfect for dates or to meet up with friends after a long days work. They have plenty on the menu and the interior somewhat speaks for the food too - think 'chic'! Its also in a pretty central location, only a 2 minute wlak on foot from Shinjuku-sanchome station on the Tokyo Metro.
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3. Rokuhara 六波羅

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The signage and building Rokuhara is in kind of gives you an impression of what the food will be like - and it doesn't disappoint! In the white-collar business district of Akasaka-mitsuke and only 160m from the station Rokuhara serves up beautifully cooked kushikatsu and kushiage. Perfectly accompanied by a few in-house designed sauces, they offer a a scrumptious array of dishes. They also have lots of different seating, including counter, couple seating, sofa seating.
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4. Tenshichi 天七本店

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Take a seat right where the action happens. Tenshichi offers more of an authentic Japanese kushiage and kushikatsu experience. With lots of counter seating you have your food cooked up right in front of you. The fare is also much light on your wallet too - but doesn't sacrifice on taste! Just a 100m from Kita-senju station it quite busy nearly everyday of the week!
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5. Kushitei 串亭

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In the stylish and hip area of Ebisu, Kushitei presents an alternative to other restaurants. They serve up perfectly curated dishes that you just quite find anywhere else. Think french inspired minimalist designed dishes. Beer or Whisky Highballs are the usual drinks that accompany kushiage style food, however here you'll find yourself ordering a bottle of wine or a glass of champagne.
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6. Kushikatsu Tanaka

Kushikatsu Tanaka hales from Kansai's capital of Osaka. Having been in Tokyo for a number of years, they've proved themselves a popular option for diners on the lookout for some delicious deep fried skewers.

You'll notice the signs in the store saying "Osaka traditional taste" and "Do not dip in sauce twice!" as I'm sure after a couple of beers a lot of people forget to remember.
With locations all across Tokyo, you are likely to come across at least one on your travels. If not check out the one in the funky and popular district of Koenji along the Chuo JR train line. It oozes a ton of urban culture thanks to the abundance of anti-mainstream and student residents in the area.

7. Osaka Kushikatsu Tenya Wanya

As the name suggests, yep, this one is also an Osakan-born kushikatsu joint that has made its way to Tokyo. Tenya Wanya is a name that's has a catchy ring to it that it makes it kind of hard to forget, easy to recall when the hunger strikes. These guys pride themselves on a selection of fresh ingredients bought directly through the wholesaler farms. If you're looking a place where they staff a super friendly come here.
Located in Hyakunincho only a 3-minute walk from Shin Okubo station on the JR Yamanote Line, Tenya Wanya is great for groups or even coming just by yourself.

8. Kushikatsu Eichan

With the tagline "No Double Dip!!", you know they are serious about kushikatsu and perhaps hygiene here. Kushikatsu Eichan is a unique kushikatsu and kushiage joint in the middle of student and office worker district of Takadanobaba. A lot of the customers here rave about the special dipping sauce they provide their diners.
Only a short walk from Takadanobaba station you won't be disappointed if you're looking for a place in the area. They also run specials on dishes and drinks many times a week, with drinks as cheap as 200 yen and skewers as low as 90 yen! Definitely a plus!

Have you been to any that aren't on this list?

Have you been to or found any other cool kushikatsu places that aren't on this list? If so, I'd love to know and go check them out! Happy eating!
I've been traveling and eating my way around the world! Now I'm in Tokyo to share all my favourite spots! I spend my time traveling, surfing, hiking, camping and eating amazing food! My favourite Japanese food...Agedashi Tofu!

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