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GOMAYA KUKI: New Sesame Ice Cream Store Just Opened in Tokyo [PR]

On 3/12/17, a new ice cream store named "GOMAYA KUKI" opened in Omotesando, that specializes in selling rich sesame ice cream. The ice cream is made using plenty of sesame from the famous sesame company, Kuki Sangyo Corporation. This article will introduce the main features of this sesame ice cream store and why it's!

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Sesame Ice Cream

When you think of ice cream, perhaps the main flavors you would think of would be flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or coffee. Many of you may not have ever tasted sesame ice cream before, so to briefly explain, it has a sweet and nutty taste. Sesame is high in protein and has many other health benefits, therefore sesame ice cream is recommended for those who is a sweet tooth but also wants to stay healthy!

Recently, a new sesame ice cream store named "GOMAYA KUKI" opened in Omotesando.

Many People Waiting in Line On Opening Day!!

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Super Rich Sesame Ice Cream Store Opened in Omotesando!

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On March 12th 2017, "GOMAYA KUKI", the world's richest sesame ice cream store opened in Omotesando.

As this store only uses sesame made by the famous sesame company, Kuki Sangyo Corporation, customers can enjoy the rich taste of high quality sesame ice cream.
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"GOMAYA KUKI" is a take-out style ice cream store that serves and only serves sesame ice cream.
A cup that consists of one scoop of black sesame and one scoop of white sesame ice cream is sold for 500 yen. You can taste both the black sesame and white sesame ice cream to enjoy the differences of the two tastes.

For a quick break from working or shopping in the Omotesando area.

Sesame Ice Cream Made From 9000 Sesame Seeds?!

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"Kuro- Super Rich" (くろ 超濃厚)

Using around 9000 black sesame seeds to make one ice cream, the store aims to make the world"s richest black sesame ice cream.

There are three flavors of black sesame ice cream, which are "Super Rich","Rich", and "Salt Sesame".
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"Shiro- Super Rich" (しろ 超濃厚)

Likewise to the Kuro (black) sesame ice cream, Shiro(white) sesame ice cream is made of 9000 white sesame seeds. Although the white color may suggest a less rich taste, Shiro sesame ice cream also has a rich and deep flavor to it.

There are three flavors of white sesame ice cream, which are "Super Rich", "Rich", and "Grain Mixed White Sesame".

A New Genre Of Ice Cream That You Must Try!

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"GOMAYA KUKI", the new sesame ice cream store in Omotesando, just opened on March 12th, but is already becoming famous among many ice cream lovers.

This rich sesame ice cream is a new genre of ice cream you have never tasted before!

Store Information


Minami Harajuku Building 1st Floor, 4-6-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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