Updated: June 30, 2017
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Cheap Eats Tokyo: Italian Family Restaurant Saizeriya!

Looking for cheap place to eat in Tokyo? Check out Saizeriya, an Italian family restaurant chain in Tokyo. With locations all around Tokyo (and Japan) it's a convenient place to grab something cheap for lunch or dinner!

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If you're travelling around Tokyo or Japan for a few weeks, eating out can get a little expensive sometimes. Saizeriya is an family-style Italian restaurant in Japan. VERY popular with high school and university students you can easily spend under 900 for a full meal including a drink bar with free refills. Saizeriya has locations all throughout Japan.
Menu sub imgapp http://www.saizeriya.co.jp/menu/grandmenu.html#kategorimenu
Appetizers start from 199 yen!! Wine as cheap as 100 yen per glass!!
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So you're saying I can have 3 appetizers and a decanter wine for under 1000 yen?!?! YES!
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Beer also starts at 299 yen! Try the Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and Tomato!
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If you're feeling something light for lunch they also have a range of healthy salads! Also gluten free!!
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Pizza is damn cheap too! Only 400 yen!
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Bacon and potato - get in my belly!
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There's also a number of different pasta dishes to choose from including, Tomato sauce with Seafood Spaghetti.
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Their menu isn't just limited to Italian dishes either. They also do some hot-plate grills, like this Grilled Chicken, bacon and potato.
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If you're heading there for lunch grab one of their 500 yen lunch specials. It comes with a choice of the main dishes, salad, rice or bread, and an optional drink bar for about 100 yen more!
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And if you love cheese you'll love this Seafood Gratin! Mmmmm!
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They also have a full page of desserts for after your meal, or a light snack in the afternoon.
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Make sure you at least try the super soft and silky Pudding!
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You can even just get the drink bar with free refills for about 300 yen. You'll see plenty of people just sitting reading a book or studying in the afternoons taking maximum advantage of the free refills of juice, soft drink, tea and coffee!

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