Updated: June 05, 2017
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Lists of Delicious Japanese Cheesecake in Osaka

There is something special about Japanese cheesecake...and believe it or not, Osaka has a lot of delicious cheesecakes! Check the followings out!

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PABLO (パブロ 道頓堀店)

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Just a 3 minute walk from Namba station, this very popular cheesecake shop in Japan has few branches in Osaka. Since it is so popular, there is usually a long line. You can eat in at this Namba branch! Additionally, don't forget to check out their seasonal menu! In May they will have "Chestnut and Red Bean Green tea Cheesecake Tart" and in June they will have "Peach and Yogurt Cream Cheese Tart"! They also have limited menu at different branches, so make sure to check that out too!
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Are you a cheese lover? You might be thinking, is that even a question? Only using milk fresh from the cow, this place is popular with their astonishing cheesecake! Very famous among Osaka people, so it is worth checking out when you are there. Their seasonal cakes are also very appetizing - Starting from June, they are serving Citron rare cheesecake that has lemon peels and honey flavor. There are so many cheesecake options to choose from because they are really serious about cheese. Their famous cheesecakes are: Plain, Teiduka Fromage, and Camembert Cheese Royal. A few minute walk from Himematsu station.
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Rikuro Ojisan

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Only in Osaka! If you want to try Osaka's cheesecake, this is where you go. Their cheesecake is famous for its creamy and soft texture at cheap price. On the bottom of the cheesecake there goes Californian raisins with their original syrup to bring out the flavor of cheesecake. You can enjoy their cheesecake by putting it in a fridge as well as warming up in a microwave. Perfect for all season! A minute walk from Namba station.
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Less than a minute walk from Hankyu Bus Onohara Minami bus stop, this place is very popular among people in Osaka. There is something special about their cheesecake - it is a baked cheesecake but somewhat have the same texture as the rare cheesecake. They only have two branches in Osaka and one in Singapore. Enjoy another only-in-Osaka cheesecake!
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Hikita (チーズケーキショップ ヒキタ)

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Just a few minute walk from Toyonaka station, you will find a cheesecake shop where they serve so many different cheesecakes - cheesecake that goes well with wine, with lunch or dinner, etc. You should try their Baked & Rare cheesecake set - you can enjoy 8 different flavors including tea, green tea, milk, berry, strawberry, mango, baked, and Gorgonozla. Numbers are limited!
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