Updated: June 06, 2017
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5 Places to try Osaka's Soul Food, Okonomiyaki, in Osaka

If you are wondering what to eat in Osaka, try Okonomiyaki, one of the Osaka's soul food. Okonomiyaki is a savory pan-fried cake, and it is great to eat with your family and your friends!

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Just a 5 minute walk from Namba station, Fukutaro is a very famous okonomiyaki place in southern part of Osaka. Due to its popularity you might have to wait for quite a long time - but let me tell you, it is definitely worth the wait. So don't give up and go home, stay and enjoy what Fukutaro has to offer!
Their recommended menu is Negi-yaki (thinner than okonomiyaki, made with green onion)!
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Left: Okonomiyaki
Right: Negiyaki

Yukari (ゆかり)

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Looking for a refined, traditional Okonomiyaki experience? This is it. They also have cheese okonomiyaki called Fromage yaki! If you are unsure of how to cook okonomiyaki, you can ask the staff there and they will make one for you. Around a few minute walk from Higashi Umeda station.
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Okaru (おかる)

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If you are looking for a fun Okonomiyaki experience - Okaru is the place. Just a 4 minute walk from Nihonbashi station, close to Hozenji Temple, they are famous for their service - mayonnaise art! You can ask what you want them to draw, and boom!
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Looking for an elegant teppanyaki (pan fried) dinner? This place serves not only okonomiyaki but other teppanyaki dishes. Their okonomiyaki is very popular with its simple yet delicious taste, and it might be a good idea to make a reservation to save your seat! A 6 minute walk from Honmachi station.
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Hana (花)

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Featured on Bib Gourmand Osaka 2016, this place serves square-shaped okonomiyaki. They only have a counter table, and no teppan (iron plate). All of their food is around ¥999~2,999, which is very reasonable and cheap! Less than a 10 minute walk from Kyobashi station.
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