Updated: June 14, 2017
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Cute, Cosy, Cuddly - Peter Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo!

Make your childhood dreams come true and enter the world of Beatrix Potter! Come dine and sip tea with Peter Rabbit and Friends in this wonderfully designed Garden Cafe in Tokyo's trendy district of Jiyugaoka - with a little touch of fantasy!

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Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe, Jiyugaoka

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Through the winding streets of Jiyugaoka in Tokyo, you'll find this little garden cafe inspired by the stories told in the world of Beatrix Potter. Many of you will have fond memories of the protagonist Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe takes you back to your childhood no matter how adult you think you are.
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Only a 5 minute walk north of Jiyugaoka station this place sits on the corner of a side lanes. You can't walk past this place and not help to notice the adorableness of the Peter Rabbit in the garden.
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The interior takes us back customers of all ages to another world.

Wait, What!? I can sit with Peter Rabbit?!

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Once you're inside you'll be seated amongst the lovely decor. There's terrace seating and inside seating - both provide a setting for a lovely brunch or afternoon tea! Dishes on the menu range from around 1000- 2000 yen.

Signature Cappuccinos!

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You can even order a Peter Rabbit cappuccino!
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Test your Japanese skill and have a read of Peter Rabbit in Japanese!

All meals come with a small touch of Peter Rabbit fantasy!

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Each item on the menu is carefully designed and offers a little touch that's inspired from Peter Rabbit and Friends.
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Whose hiding in my meal!? Delicious cheesy and tomato eggplant doria is one the favourites on the menu!

Desserts to die for!

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Along with designer cappuccinos comes a specially designed desserts with cute bunnies.
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The desserts are "berry berry" good! Trust me!
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If you're just after something sweet try Peter Rabbit's Bouquet!

How about tea with Peter Rabbit and Friends?

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You won't feel alone with the plethora of Peter Rabbit toys to accompany as you sip tea.

Make sure to grab a souvenir!

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If you want to take a little bit of Beatrix Potter's world home with you there is a little souvenir section inside the restaurant.
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