Updated: June 28, 2017
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Super Fluffy Pancakes in Tokyo

Pancakes are the world popular breakfast or dessert. But did you know some pancakes in Japan are slightly different from the ones you can find in other countries. When you come to Tokyo, you must try these extra fluffy pancakes everyone uploads on Instagram!

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Shiawase no Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ)

"Shiawase (幸せ/happy) no Pancake" is the place where makes you happy. They have a menu called "Shiawase no pancake" (1100 yen), came from the name of the restaurant which is the most popular menu you must try. It is served with rich honey and butter. Enjoy this simple yet fluffy and creamy pancakes.
Strawberry cheese pancakes (1480 yen)
Usually around ten different pancakes menus are available including seasonal menus.
Gallery 0008 1 http://magia.tokyo/
There are three branches in Tokyo and all of them are close to stations.

1. Omotesando location - 3 mins walk from Omotesando station
2. Shibuya location - 8 mins from Shibuya station
3. Kichijoji location - 2 mins from Kichijoji station

Cafe & Pancake Gram

Pre http://www.cafe-gram.com/
Gram only offers these "premium pancake" (950yen) three times a day with 20 dishes at each serving time. The serving times are at 11am, 3pm, and 6pm, so I recommend you to get the restaurant 30 minutes to one hour earlier to these times so you can put your names on the list.

This pancakes tower come topped with butter and powedered suger, and whipped cream and maple syrup on the side. The texture is very light and creamy.
Salmon http://www.cafe-gram.com/
They also offer some pancakes with not sweet ingredients like salmon & avocado (1050 yen) and eggs & bacons (950 yen).
Img shop 0163 http://www.cafe-gram.com/
Img shop 0351 http://www.cafe-gram.com/
Grams can be found at these 5 places in Tokyo, Harajuku Shibuya, Kichijoji, Jiyugaoka, and Machida.

cafe & pancake gram (Harajuku location)

1-9-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Banks cafe & dining

Their pancakes are such fluffy that you have to use spoon to eat instead of fork and knife. "Tiramisu pancake" (1300 yen) is must-try. The creamy cheese and bitter espresso are blending perfectly.
"Mix berry pancakes" (1200 yen) is also another option if you like berries.
Small and chic restaurant. Only 7 mins walk from Shibuya station.

Banks cafe & dining

3-26-17 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Burn side st cafe

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Their pancakes towers with three thick pancakes are also very fluffy and satisfying amount. "Tiramisu pancakes" (1380 yen) comes with hot chocolate sauce.
Todays coffee http://b-s-s-cafe.com/
You can get coffee with your pancake (+250 yen).
Terrace seats are available. Good weather + good food = perfect!
Cozy and cute cafe just 5 mins walk away from the busy shopping street of Harajuku (also from Harajuku station).


4-29-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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