Updated: June 28, 2017
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A Meat Theme-Park? Only in Japan!

A what now? Yes, a meat theme-park in Tokyo. Why? Well because you can, that's why. It is a meat theme-park in Tokyo, with stands that serve meat in many different ways and also offers entertainment, such as a museum, the "Museo de Carne" (the meat museum). You can walk through the park and pass through a Spanish-style village.

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Meatrea: The Meat Theme-Park

Meatrea has various different meat restaurants to pick from and even a meat museum.
All the restaurants serve different cuisines using regional meat products, such as BBQ ribs, meat loaves, curry, steaks, etc. The restaurants are like a in a food court so you take your meal and find a place to sit. It's rather inexpensive in general.

Meatrea is located in Minami-Osawa, a suburb 40 minutes away from Shinjuku station by train. It is on the top of a shopping mall and is run by Namco, a game centre behind many other original projects (gyoza statidum, etc.)

They used to sell a "meat parfait" (ice cream with fruits and cutlets of fried pork), but it was replaced with a steak restaurant. I wonder how the flavours mixed?
Ph info http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/
Floormap http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/index.html

BBQ KITCHEN: steak & grilled meat

4f3801a25442c img http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/
BBQ Kitchen serves steak and grilled meat. On their regular menu, you can choose the ingredients you'd like to grill for ¥1,080; or you can have a huge american steak (500g) for ¥ 2,354. Their seasonal menu changes, but a steak never goes out of style.
4f3801a25442c regm1 l http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/


5F Frente Minami-Osawa (New Building), 2-1-6 Minami-Osawa Hachioji-shi

NEW OLD STYLE 肉そば けいすけ: ramen

547806107e9a8 img http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/
New Old Style serves ramen and gyoza. The ramen starts at ¥780, but there are also seasonal dishes to try!
Their ramen has a familiar nostalgic taste with a twist. Would you like to try?
547806107e9a8 14892822830 l http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/


5F Frente Minami-Osawa (New Building), 2-1-6 Minami-Osawa Hachioji-shi

Nihyakuten にひゃくてん: grilled meat and entrails

4e6ef5d8e2075 img http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/
This stand specialises in grilled meat and ホルモン (entrails).
They have an all-you-can-eat dinner special starting at ¥1,980 with 50 ingredients to choose from; there is also a  和牛(Japanese beef) calbi all-you-can-eat special for ¥3,980.
The lunch all-you-can-eat special starts at ¥980!!!
4e6ef5d8e2075 13508960060 l http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/


2-1-6 Hachioji, Minamiōsawa, Tokyo

CLASSIC~インド料理~: Indian curry

558a777adc554 img http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/
Indian curry is perfect anytime of the day, and anytime of the year.
Here, you can try the chicken superloaded butter chicken curry (¥980) and the tandori chicken(¥500). Why not finish the meal with a sweet and refreshing lassi!
There is even a ladies' set for ¥1,180 and it includes two types of curry, all-you-can-eat naan bread, and cream cheese chicken.
558a777adc554 14625160760 l http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/


5F Frente Minami-Osawa (New Building), 2-1-6 Minami-Osawa Hachioji-shi

GOLD RU$H: meatloaf

4ce0ff39014e6 img http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/
This popular restaurant has been introduced many times on TV and in magazines because of their famous meatloaves.
The Gold Rush meatloaf (150g) is ¥750 at lunch time, and ¥1,000 at dinner time. Why not try the cheesy version!
4ce0ff39014e6 regm1 l http://www.tokyo-meatrea.com/


5F Frente Minami-Osawa (New Building), 2-1-6 Minami-Osawa Hachioji-shi



5F Frente Minami-Osawa (New Building), 2-1-6 Minami-Osawa Hachioji-shi


While you're in the area, you should check out the Mitsui Outlet Park, a great way to find good deals on different brands, such as Levi's, Lacoste, Banana Republic, etc.
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