Updated: November 25, 2017
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6 MUST TRY DESSERTS in Takeshita street, Harajuku

Takeshita street (Takeshita dori) in Harajuku is famous for its cute (kawaii) fashion and many visitors enjoy shopping there. When you come to Takeshita street, don't forget to try their food too. Here are 5 recommended places to have desserts and snacks while taking a break.

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If you walk through Takeshita street, you would find this pink, food truck-like crepe shop. It sometimes has a line, but don't worry, servings are quick and it doesn't take a long time to get a crepe.

They have A LOT of options so you might have trouble choosing. They are ranging around 400-600 yen for each.
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If you don't know what to get, try "creme brulee crepe"! You can choose between strawberry, banana, and matcha green tea for your creme brulee crepe filled with lots of custard and whipped cream. The top is caramelized like a creme brulee.

Zaku Zaku (ザクザク)

This is also on the Takeshita street and you can find easily if you walk through.
"Zaku zaku" means crunchy in Japanese. This dessert is a cream puff stick, looking like churros but very crunchy on the outside and filled with rich custard cream. They are only 250 yen!
They are freshly baked in the shop.

Cookie time Cookie bar

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Cookie time is from New Zealand offering freshly baked big cookies and milkshakes. It's only one block away from the Takeshita street and just one minute walk from Harajuku station. You can't miss it because this red monster is welcoming in front of the shop.
Menuheader https://cookiebar.jp/
Can you believe it's in Japan? You can try New Zealand's famous warm and sweet cookies (300 yen) and variety of milkshakes topped with lots of whipped cream, brownies, s'mores, or even with their cookies (500-800 yen).

Calbee +

Harajuku https://www.calbee.co.jp/calbeestore/
Calbee is a Japanese snack company, which is especially famous for the chips. Here, in the Takeshita street, you can get freshly fried their snacks. They also sell some snacks for souvenirs too.
Fries with cheese sauce is highly recommended. You also have several options for your sauce such as maple & cream cheese and chocolate. They are all 220 yen.
The most controversial one might be the fries with ice cream if you want to try. More people say it's actually good.

Totti Candy Factory

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Located on the 2nd floor of the building in Takeshita street.
This giant and rainbow cotton candy is super Insta-worthy! It is such big and 800 yen, so maybe you can share with your friends (unless you are cotton candy a lover).
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Img about slide10 http://www.totticandy.com/
Interior is also cute. You can experience Harajuku "kawaii" culture.


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If you are looking for a delicious ice cream on the Takeshita street, try coisof. It is a cute ice cream shop specialized in super rich soft-served ice cream.
They have white and black sesame flavors decorated with a Japanese colorful snack called "oiri" (600 yen). They also have some seasonal items worth trying.
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Harajuku is full of "kawaii" and unique stuffs, and desserts are not exceptional! Try one or more of these places to have a delicious and fun experience.

Wondering what other things to do in Takeshita street?

I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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