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5 Incredible Sushi Restaurants in Kanazawa, Ishikawa!

Kanazawa is a popular tourism place in Ishikawa prefecture, middle part of Japan. They have a famous street that many of you might have seen on media called Higashi Chaya District as well as 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. If you are in Kanazawa, one thing you MUST eat is sushi. This attractive city have lots of amazing sushi restaurants. You can't leave until you try sushi in Kanazawa!

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Aiji (鮨処 あいじ)

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Located in a very quiet town in Kanazawa, this place offers high quality sushi at a reasonable price. You should make a reservation beforehand, and it is recommended to take the counter seat to enjoy the restaurant's warm atmosphere. People generally spend ¥6,000~6,999 for lunch and ¥8,000~9,999 for dinner. Around a 3~5 minute walk from Katamachi bus stop.
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Otome Sushi (乙女寿司)

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This place offers selected fresh seafood sushi toppings, and the rice they use is Koshihikari, a very famous brand for its tastiness, which they dry under the sun. This place is perfect for family dinner too. It is very popular and famous among tourist as well as people in Kanazawa, and it is required to make a reservation. People spend ¥5,000~5,999 for lunch and ¥10,000~14,999 for dinner on average. Around a 8 minute walk from Kourinbo bus stop.
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Morimori Sushi (もりもり寿し 金沢駅前店)

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This place is a chain sushi restaurant where you can experience belt conveyor style sushi! Very popular due to its cheap price and high quality sushi, so if you don't like to wait it is recommended to be there early! People generally spend ¥2,000~2,999. Less than a minute walk from Kanazawa station, east exit.
18808930 1684294828264896 1029317538443427840 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BUscR7UDvmL/

Yamasan Sushi (山さん寿司 本店)

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What is outstanding about this place is their kaisen-don (a bowl of rice with sea food toppings)! As you can see in the photo,it is just simply amazing. Their sushi is also very tasty, so you should try that too! Around a 15 minute walk from Kanazawa station, east exit. People generally spend ¥2,000~2,999, which is very reasonable!
They are also open from 7:30 in the morning, so if you feel like eating sushi for a breakfast, you should definitely go Yamasan Sushi!
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Mitsukawa (鮨 みつ川)

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Located in Higashi Chaya District, this sushi restaurant was featured on Michelin! You can have an exclusive sushi experience at a very accessible place. They only have 8 counter seats, so you might want to make a reservation beforehand just to make sure your seat is saved. The average people spend is ¥10,000~14,999 for both lunch and dinner, so it is not cheap, but super reasonable for a top-notch sushi, and it is definitely worth it.
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As you can see from restaurants listed above, Kanazawa has lots of unique and fascinating sushi restaurants that you don't want to miss. Hope you have an unforgettable sushi experience in Kanazawa!
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