Updated: June 14, 2017
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Tokyo Street Food: Top 5 Kebab Spots

Craving a late night kebab but don't know where to go to get your hands on one? It doesn't matter where you go in the world, you can always count on a kebab joint to help you soak up some the drunken madness! Here's a round-up of the top 5 places to fulfill your kebab cravings in Tokyo!

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Moses' Kebab モーゼスさんのケバブ 本店

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Located on Ameyoko street a few minutes from Ueno station, Moses' Kebab has been around for a while. For 500 yen, you get a pita packed with meat, cabbage, tomatoes and spicy sauce! Don't forget tissues though, these kebabs are juicy and saucy!
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Kader Kebab カデルケバブ

11372354 1433290890311304 1625588272 n https://www.instagram.com/p/3AnU2WsWez/
Grab a beer and shawarma for 1000 yen?! You should be there already. Try the spicy chicken kebab - it's a hit! If you don't feel like munching while you hit the pavement, they have a couple of benches out back. Located a couple minutes from Roppongi station, where all the action happens at night!
18644815 147347882474520 8999635207447379968 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BUaJnz5gz8J/

Kebab Farm ケバブファーム

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This place is bit of a gem! Located in trendy Jiyugaoka just short walk from the station, you'll kind of wonder why they're located here but, I kid you not, the kebabs are a destination themselves!
11116879 1648575648704472 584655305 n https://www.instagram.com/p/10FZI7SkR2/

Kebab Box J ケバブボックスジェイ

16584834 683004085219028 5337688409466994688 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BQXX8SEgPlD/
From the moment you walk up and smell the amazing meat spinning around you know you've come to the right place! The real reason to come here is for the sauce - though I think it's a bit of a secret! It does get messy, but who cares, it's damn delish! The store is just a 3 minute walk from Meijijingu-mae station.
10986213 1621288771437158 2095311513 n https://www.instagram.com/p/zrCXsLvAin/

Asian Kebab アジアンケバブ

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Located in uptown Shirokane, Asian Kebab is something special. They do both kebab in pita and on top of rice (hence the "asian" in the name perhaps). Both are super tasty and packed with fillings! If you stay in the area and need a cheap eat here is the place! 3 minutes walk north of Shirokane-takanawa station.
11925898 878746895554244 330001321 n https://www.instagram.com/p/7g7eOOLdfo/
I've been traveling and eating my way around the world! Now I'm in Tokyo to share all my favourite spots! I spend my time traveling, surfing, hiking, camping and eating amazing food! My favourite Japanese food...Agedashi Tofu!

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