Updated: June 23, 2017
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For Donuts Lovers - 5 Cutest Donuts Shops in Tokyo

Craving for some desserts in Tokyo? Donuts would be one of the desserts you should not miss while you are in Tokyo. Especially, cute or colorful donuts are something everyone is taking pictures and uploading on the Instagram. Here are some recommended donuts shops where have "Insta-worthy" donuts!

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1. Floresta nature doughnuts

018 koenji 01 http://nature-doughnuts.jp/
Small donuts chain located in 4 places in Tokyo. The most convenient one would be in Koenji, 5 mins walk from Koenji station.
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Look at these adorable donuts! They offer over 10 kinds of animal donuts in the shops, ranging from 200-250 yen for each. Their ears are made with almonds. They don't just look cute, but also taste great. No artificial added.

2. Arnolds

18812514 239098096577946 8750177674330112000 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BU6JFlFhG2Z/
Arnolds is a donuts shop from Finland offering cute donuts. It is less than 5 mins walk away from Kichijoji station.
16228923 1209093252460567 2115789933271580672 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BPjhBqxjL7t/
They don't use eggs or milk, so you can enjoy the different texture from normal donuts. Their donuts are colorfully decorated with icing. They also have heart-shaped ones. Prices are between 200-250 yen.
There is a beautiful park near the shop, so it would be the best place to enjoy your donuts!

3. Good town doughnuts

12568820 159115181136137 1096448904 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BBoqJwyhNNa/
It's like an American-inspired cafe located in Harajuku. The interior is cute and there are some tables and seats so you can eat their donuts inside of the cafe.
18812136 1389989331088762 229714298601996288 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BU7CP0EB4ty/
You may have trouble choosing since they have many options and all look very cute and delicious. The most popular one is "Smile mango" (420 yen), the one which filled with lots of creamy mango cream with smile face on the top. They are a bit expensive (350-450 yen) but big enough to make you satisfied.

4. Dumbo

15043424 1870592013173931 3439811188215513088 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BODw6Z4DzfQ/
This small and cute donuts cafe is just 1 min walk from Azabujuban station. The interior is decorated with pink stuffs so this place is popular for especially girls.
18809388 753804731464765 5002259267604971520 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BU5jpMHB3qz/
Their donuts are such giant and fluffy. You can choose from over 10 flavors they have, ranging 300-400 yen for each. Since they offer not only colorful donuts, but also these cute cups for their coffee, it is popular for visitors to get a donuts and cup of coffee, and put the donuts on the cup for their photos.

5. Mister donut

18888694 1603403083005941 5799790026812293120 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BVBnwRVBWnt/
The last recommendation is Mister donut, which is the most common and famous donuts chain in Japan. You can find shops everywhere in Tokyo (also other areas), and many of them are near stations.
18888752 1824792651181752 3513747808970604544 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BVCBXDCHDwl/
They usually have around 30 flavors in the shops and they are all freshly fried or baked there. Since donuts are soft and not so sweet, you can try some flavors. Also they are only 100-300 yen. One of the recommended menu is "pon de ring" (middle one in this pic) because the texture is a little chewy and maybe different from normal donuts.
I love traveling and eating. My favorites are everything matcha and cheesecakes.

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