Updated: June 08, 2017
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Where to Eat Around Ueno Park

When you're planning your daily activities while travelling, it might be overwhelming to plan where you will go eat as well! Sometimes, you can leave it up to luck, and just walk in to a restaurant that looks nice; sometimes its unforgettable and sometimes it's unforgettable for the wrong reasons. While visiting Ueno Park, you have many activities to choose from, just leave it up to us to find the best restos to go to in the area!

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Ueno Park

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Ueno is a wonderful place to visit all year round. There is of course the wonderful park to stroll around in, the incredible museums, the zoo, etc. Whether you're going on a date, or a family outing, you will find what tickles your fancy!
It's definitely in the top places to visit while in Tokyo.
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Innsyoutei is a wondeful restaurant right at the centre of Ueno Park with an authentic and traditional Japanese atmosphere. The food is simply incredible and it is a delightful experience.
You should try the lunch option if you're travelling on a budget, the bento box is ¥1,680.
The courses start at ¥12,000.
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Introverts rejoice! This place is the perfect place to have a meal and avoid human interaction. You get your own private booth, and the waiter slides a little door to bring you your dish.
The ramen is famous for its broth and its tare, an aged spicy sauce, that gives the ramen its deep taste. Ichiran has a lot of branches across Tokyo (and even abroad) and is an essential go-to for travellers and Japanese alike!
Menu menu main01 http://en.ichiran.com/


Landauret img01 http://www.seiyoken.co.jp/
Caferant Le Landauret, is a very cute restaurant that uses its original recipes since 1876. The "hashed rice" dishes are popular and are worth trying! The desserts are extremely cute and tasty too!
The lunch set is ¥2,300, and the beef stew is ¥3,200.
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Starbucks in Ueno Park

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Right at the centre of Ueno Park, this Starbuck feels almost like a log house. It's a nice change of pace from busy Tokyo and is a nice place to unwind after a busy day of visiting. I definitely recommend stopping there after lunch to look at the view.
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Hard Rock Cafe Ueno

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There are over 150 Hard Rock Cafes all over the world, so its name is synonymous with classic American food. If you need a break from Japanese food, or you just need that go-to burger, HRC is the place to go. You need to try the local "legendary" burger, along with a good ol' Coke. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Definitely worth going, especially since it's right in the train station.
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We hope you enjoyed this article.
There are plenty of things to do in and around Ueno Park. Please enjoy your exploration!
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I love traveling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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