Updated: June 09, 2017
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6 Amazing Cafes to Visit in Kamakura

In case you were wondering where to eat, rest or drink a cup of coffee in Kamakura, here's the list made just for you!

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Itsuki Garden (カフェテラス 樹ガーデン)

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This place makes you forget that you are in Japan - with its great scenery surrounded by trees, it would make you want to stay here forever. It looks beautiful with ajisai (hydrangea), a type flower that blooms during June to July, and mountain lilies. They are open even when it is raining, and you can also bring your pet too. It is also on the route of hiking course, so this place is perfect to take a break! Around 15 minute walk from Kamakura station, west exit.
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Iwata Coffee (イワタコーヒー)

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This cafe is famous for their pancakes that John Lennon loved. Established in 1948, this place has been popular among many people. If you are looking for a retro, relaxing and authentic cafe to visit in Kamakura, this place is strongly recommended. Just a minute walk from Kamakura station, east exit.
15057368 1289365007752148 4905823847216840704 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BNKJsE5BIm1/
This pancake is only ¥800!

Double Doors (ダブルドアーズ)

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This place offers the beautiful view of Shichirigahama. The view is amazing, their food is brilliant, what else can we ask for? Their Avocado Hamburg (hamburg steak; patty shaped beef) is a must-try dish! Around a 3 minute walk from Shichirigahama station.
17596660 420212185005542 184874805672017920 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BSQIQxMAZN8/
People generally spend ¥1,000~1,999 for lunch and ¥3,000~3,999 for dinner!

House of Flavors (ハウス オブ フレーバーズ)

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If you are a cheesecake lover - this cafe is for you! This place offers the most expensive cheesecake in Japan. It is ¥15,000 for the whole cake, and ¥2,700 for a slice. Looking at the price, the taste has got to be great, right? It's definitely worth it. Enjoy the luxury cheesecake that you can only enjoy in Kamakura! Around a 15 minute walk from Nishikamakura station.
17931996 1867434610197352 8051332627791085568 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BS5Jv1dAeFA/

bills (ビルズ)

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You might have seen bills in different places of Tokyo, but this is the first branch that opened in Japan! With a great view of Shichirigahama, this place is very popular for their super fluffy ricotta pancakes! Just a 2 minute walk from Shichirigahama station.
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Ricotta Pancake ¥1,400

Starbucks Coffee (スターバックス・コーヒー 鎌倉御成町店)

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If you are looking for more casual cafes, Starbucks is there for you. This Starbucks is different from other Starbucks that you see in the cities, and it is one of the themed Starbucks stores in Japan. People go there just to see how it looks like. They have a pool in their garden, and of course, you can have a cup of coffee by the poolside. Just a 3 minute walk from Kamakura station, west exit.
14052330 351724318492252 492665417 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BJzbcttjHvd/


As you can see in this list, there are many different kinds of fantastic cafes in Kamakura. Why not try one of the places mentioned above to make your Kamakura visit unforgettable?
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