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The Best of Kyoto's Famous Tofu Cuisine

Kyoto is famous for its vegetarian cuisine influenced by the local monk culture. You can try different famous tofu dishes in Kyoto; they are fresh and change seasonally. Have you ever tried homemade sesame tofu? Or Yuba (soy milk bean curd)? This restaurants are great for vegetarians, as you get to try a variety of different tofu dishes. Although you are not a tofu fan, you definitely need to try these restaurants. You will be impressed by all the delicious dishes that can be made with tofu. And the settings of these restaurants are so calming! Welcome to Kyoto!

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T store http://sanjo-togaden.kyoto/index.html
Togaden is very close to Sanjo station.
This place is perfect for vegetarians, they serve delicious variations on tofu. The lunch is cheap and delicious. And the service is very good!
You should definitely try the fresh Yuba (soybean milk skin), it's silky and the texture is interesting. It's definitely a must-try in Japan!
You can get a full set for only ¥1,200!
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Saga Tofu Ine

Img01 http://www.kyo-ine.com/
Located in beautiful Arashiyama, near the stunning bamboo forest.
This place is definitely on your to-go list!
The restaurant uses local ingredients, and very delicate seasoning as the ingredients speak for themselves.
The signature Arashiyama dish is ¥2,180, and includes over 10 small dishes (homemade sesame tofu, tofu skin, pickes, etc.)
Have you tried the doughnuts made of tofu skin?
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17663645 238147063326875 5724222190363082752 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BSpTPY8hfxY/
Tousuiro, close to Sanjo station, and by the Kamo river, is appealing to all the senses.
This restaurant
The lunch course starts at ¥2,500; and for dinner the courses start at ¥4,000. They come with many different small dishes, so you have to try various types of tofu as well as sashimi.
Staff is very accommodating for vegetarians!
17819354 536926900028700 8928195813822169088 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BS0gLrmD5HS/


Image https://www.shoraian.com/
Shorain is on our unforgettable list in terms of overall experience.
While dining, you have a view of the river, and it is very close to the bamboo forest in Arashiyama.
This place will stimulate all of your senses.
The cuisine is delicate and tasty, and the staff is very welcoming and helpful.
Even if you're not a tofu lover, you will enjoy this refined cuisine.
Lunch sets start at ¥3,600 and dinner sets at ¥6,300. The sets come with seasonal variations on different type of tofu.
Image https://www.shoraian.com/menu/


Access img1 http://www.kyotofu.co.jp/en/
This cafe is located close to Kitanohakubaicho by foot.
Tofu Cafe Fujino closes rather early, so you need to go before 3.
They have different lunch options, one of which being halal! Lunch starts at ¥2,592 and comes with many different seasonal dishes.
They also have soy milk ice cream and other types of desserts.
15803467 621243894743620 8331154548898922496 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BPCdr7iDQMa/

Tofu Okutan

18889182 1386735618028709 4144664524634456064 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BU5_3GRlSHy/
Okutan is a very famous restaurant that us surrounded by temples. The food is delicious and the scenery is stunning. There is a traditional Kyoto style garden view.
If you are a strict vegetarian, the waiter will kindly omit some of the dishes for you.
The sets start at ¥3,000 and offer a variety of small seasonal dishes.
17662462 185190921993233 7062456084794966016 n https://www.instagram.com/p/BSiGiWcgHe-/
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