Updated: June 28, 2017
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5 Must-try Restaurants for Dinner in Odaiba, Tokyo

Wondering where to eat dinner in Odaiba area? Check the following places!

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Odaiba is one of the popular tourism places in Tokyo. They have lots of places that you should visit including JOY POLICE (themed park), Oedo Onsen (hot spring), DECKS Tokyo Beach, few shopping malls, Odaiba Kaihin Park (you can see Japanese Statue of Liberty!), and probably the most famous one among Japanese people, Fuji TV building!

CARESS (カレス)

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Located close to Odaiba Beach Side, around a few minute walk from Odaiba Kaihinkoen station, you will see a fancy yet cozy Italian restaurant. During lunch time it is a cafe, and during dinner it turns into a classy restaurant. You can enjoy lunch with sea breeze and sunshine, what else more do you need?
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People generally spend ¥1,000~1,999 for lunch and ¥8,000~9,999 for dinner. You can bring your puppy too!


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Looking for a hot American or Mexican places to eat in Odaiba area? You should go to ZEST CANTINA, where they serve modern Mexican cuisine and contemporary American cuisine. They have steaks and hamburgers as well as their popular frozen margaritas, and with its lively ambiance, you will have a satisfying experience! Just a 4 minute walk from Yurikamome Daiba station.
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Hibiki (響)

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Just a 2 minute walk from Yurikamome Daiba station, this place has a beautiful night view! You can enjoy their Japanese cuisine with the view of Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge. It is a chain restaurant, so if you want to try at different location, you should check the other branches too. It is great for birthday parties as well as a romantic dinner. People generally spend ¥2,000 for lunch and around ¥6,000 for dinner.
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1129 by ogawa

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Looking for a place to have delicious steaks and hamburgers? Try this place! With its great view, you can have an unforgettable Odaiba experience! The meat that they use is one of the top-notch beefs in Japan called Japanese Black, or Wagyu beef. Their lunch and dinner is around ¥1,000~2,999, which is super reasonable. Just a 3 minute walk from Yurikamome Daiba station.
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MADAM XENLON ARIAKE (マダム シェンロン 有明)

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If you are looking for unique Chinese food experience, this place is perfect for you! What they offer is beauty and health themed New York style Chinese cuisine, with its great view of Tokyo. With its great view, you might wonder how expensive this place could be. But their menu is very reasonable! People generally spend around ¥2,000 for lunch and ¥4,000~5,000 for dinner. Around a 6 minute walk from Yurikamome Kokusaitenjijo Seimon station, or a 7 minute walk from Yurikamome Ariake station.
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Odaiba is such a nice place to have lunch and dinner, especially on a beautiful sunny day. There are a lot of restaurants with a great view with affordable price, so it is definitely worth checking the restaurants mentioned above when you are visiting Odaiba.
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