Updated: June 14, 2017
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Must Eat In Tokyo: Bar & Deli Rossello

With summer fast approaching one thing definitely comes to mind - tapas! If you've ever been to Spain and wandered the streets of Barcelona you definitely have fond memories of sipping on sangria and enjoying tapas in the warm evening sun. Somehow Bar & Deli Rossello have recreated this kind of warm atmosphere in little known area Gakugei Daigaku, just 10 minutes from Shibuya.

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Bar & Deli Rosello

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If you've ever wandered around the streets of Gakugei Daigaku, you probably know that there's a tonne of small hole-in-the-wall eateries, some only with up to ten counter seats - that's kinda where you know you've found something special. Rossello is a very short 1 minute walk on the west side of the station. It's also pretty hard to walk past and not notice the chic and simple rustic atmosphere oozing from the bar.

Top Quality Japanese Produce - Spanish Style

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If olives are your thing, you've come to the right place... the Spanish do olives well, and Rossello is no different - order some!
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As you walk up you'll usually encounter some giant legs of ham serrano. Topped with a little olive oil and you got yourself a wicked tapas to start!

Fruity Sangria!

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Now comes the thing that brings many people here, Sangria. And I mean sangria for days! Packed with fresh fruits, this sweet sangria will take to back to the mid summer breeze of Barcelona!

Oysters to die for!

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Straight from Miyagi prefecture, these oysters are topped with with foie gras and beef jus
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Sometimes in Japan you just gotta have something a little different. But with all fresh produce straight from Japan's farms and seaside the chefs at Rossello have definitely given it a special Spanish touch!

Tapas all round!

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Garlic, olive oil, shrimp, scallops - BAMN! You have one badass tapas that leaves you wanting more. Couple with some crusty baguette you've got a mean dish right here!
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Spiced potatoes and grilled octopus. It's so tender you barely need to chew!

Probably the most authentic paella in Tokyo!

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Now Rossello wouldn't be Rossello without a seafood paella! Dang this is tasty!

Other stuff to try

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Spanish spiced beef with a special jus is popular item here.
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Two of my favourite things, ham serrano and grilled asparagus!

Eat, Drink, Be Merry!

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As the evening sets in walkers by can only help but notice the rustic atmosphere.
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The roof top terrace is a perfect place to knock back a few cold ones and some delectable tapas.
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One thing to mention here is that it's the real deal. The guys running the show are a couple of Spaniards with a passion for great food!


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To finish off, try out their churros with sweet chocolate sauce - such a great way to end a delicious meal here.

What you waiting for?! Come check Gakugei Daigaku area out!

I've been traveling and eating my way around the world! Now I'm in Tokyo to share all my favourite spots! I spend my time traveling, surfing, hiking, camping and eating amazing food! My favourite Japanese food...Agedashi Tofu!

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