Updated: June 13, 2017
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Hottest Places to Try the Most Delicious Fries in Tokyo

Fries are really popular worldwide, and Tokyo has amazing fries-specialized places that you cannot miss out! If you are slightly hungry, these places are for you.

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Have you tried ribbon fries before? It is a very rare french fries where they use a potato and slice it in a way that looks like potato chips but connected in a spiral shape.
They are also famous for their ginger tea, so you should try that too.
Around a 7 minute walk from Komazawadaigaku station. They have two other branches in Tokyo, one in Omotesando where they serve fries by a food truck, and the other one is a kiosk located in Harajuku.
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Robson Fries

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Just a minute walk from Shimokitazawa station, north exit, this place offers healthy junk food! You might be wondering, how can fries be healthy? They are actually using 100% rice oil, which helps to lower cholesterol. They also don't use transfat products, so it is friendly to your body!
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Their menu is very unique too. Their most popular menu is poutine, fries covered with gravy and cheese, which originated in Canada. They also have roasted beef fries and other menus for around ¥520~720.
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Roasted beef poutine Regular size ¥670, Large size ¥770


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What's so special about their fries is the potatoes and dip's variation that they offer! You get to choose your favorite potato from 6 different kinds and each shape and cut is different. You can also choose your favorite dip from 10 options. Just a few minute walk from Hiroo station. They also have branches in Harajuku and Yokohama, so if you are in that area you should definitely stop by!
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FLOWER (¥500~)
Including fries + dip or seasoning
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BOX (¥780~)
Including fries (2 different kinds) + dip or seasoning

Since they do not have many seats, it is possible that you might not be able to sit down and eat. But it could be a perfect snack for picnic on a beautiful day.

In conclusion...

Cafes and stores mentioned above are so far the hottest places to get fries in Tokyo! If you feel like snacking on to something, you should definitely consider these as an option!
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