Updated: July 04, 2017
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Must Try Sushi Restaurants in Nara

Nara is one of the cities you need to visit. It is the very first capital city of Japan and remains full of historic sites and treasures including the Japan's oldest temple. Nara is also located less than one hour from Kyoto and Osaka by trains or a car. When you come to Nara, you need to try their incredible sushi restaurants as well while enjoying traditions of Japan.

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1. Yuuza (ゆう座)

Located 10 minutes walk from Takanohara station, this small sushi restaurant has only 8 counter seats.

They are known for the high-quality sushi and very popular. Although they have got Michelin starred, their sushi is not super expensive. You can get a sushi set from 4500 yen.

2. Sushi Kyubei (鮓 恷兵)

It is around 15 minutes walk away from Zyobo station. If you want to relax with great sushi and atmosphere, this restaurant is the place to go.

They have some private rooms with nice decorations as well as counter seats where you can see the chefs making sushi. The seafood is very fresh and flavorful.

3. Izasa

S 3108112 2 https://r.gnavi.co.jp/39f8pxsd0000/
Izasa is located inside the famous park where you can play with deers.

While you are in Nara, you should try the local food called "kaki-no-ha sushi" or "nara sushi". "kaki-no-ha" means persimmon leaves, and the sushi is wrapped in the leaves. They also use cherry and bamboo leaves, and make sure you don't eat the leaves. This adorable and delicate sushi is worth trying!

4. Tanaka (たなか)

G06 https://www.kakinohasushi.co.jp/
This is the another famous "kaki-no-ha sushi" shop. They have several shops in Nara including near the Nara park and Todaiji temple.

They have a variety of sushi and you can take out them and eat outside! The box is pretty too and they also sell some souvenirs to bring back.

5. Daiki Suisan (大起水産)

0228 http://www.daiki-suisan.co.jp/
Daiki suisan is a chain "kaiten sushi" or conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

They are well known for the reasonable yet delicious sushi. A plate of sushi is from 100 yen! You can also see the chefs making sushi if you sit at the counter seats. If you are looking for cheap, quick, and exciting sushi experience, this restaurant is the one.


Nara is the city with a lot of historical sites to see. When you are in such a city, why don't you have the most famous traditional dish, sushi?
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