Updated: November 06, 2017
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Torikizoku: A Must-Try 298 Yen Yakitori Izakaya Heaven In Japan!

Torikizoku is a casual Yakitori chain that has stores all over Japan. It is popular among all ages for its quality and price. Let's figure out what's so special about Torikizoku!

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Torikizoku, was established in Osaka and gradually expanded its stores nationwide. You won't have any trouble finding a Torikizoku in Tokyo either. Most major stations and other not-so-major ones have one within a short walking distance. The concept that made them famous is They offering all kinds of yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers) at ONLY ¥298! They have a huge variety of menu items available, and people generally go there for a casual dinner and night out in an izakaya atmosphere.
Img03 https://www.torikizoku.co.jp/
The chicken they use is locally raised, and they stick chickens on a skewer by hand. Their original sauce consists of chicken, vegetables, and fruits simmered together to extract a broth with a deep natural taste Japanese call umami.
S 0nhu https://r.gnavi.co.jp/272cwkam0000/
I didn't expect this when I first entered Torikizoku, but their interior decor is all made of wood! It creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and it doesn't feel like you are in a Yakitori chain. It is also common for Yakitori restaurants to only have counter seats, but Torikizoku has table seats too! They have been improving their service and redecorating their restaurants to provide a satisfying experience to all customers.


Unfortunately, not all Torikizoku have English menus, so we've made one for you! Here are some of the best things to get at Torikizoku.

Their popular menu items are the Momo or Mune Kizoku. Momo is chicken thigh and mune is chicken breast. You can choose your flavor when you order: tare sauce or salt and spices. These are standard yakitori menu items that everyone loves! Pieces of green onions are sandwiched in between chicken breasts or thighs, and the sweetness of the green onion goes really well with the chicken's umami.
What I really recommend trying is their Tsukune Tare - tsukune is a chicken meatball. They are dipped in their original secret tare (sauce). Believe me, it tastes like heaven. For those of you who like tare (sweet soy sauce) flavor, you will definitely love it.
S 0nem https://r.gnavi.co.jp/272cwkam0000/
If you like mochi (rice balls made from rice flour), this is what you should try. Their Mochi-mochi Cheese Yaki consists of mochi with cheese and nori seaweed on top. With Torikizoku's exquisite tare, it just tastes so delicious. I swear, mochi lovers will go crazy.
S 0nfb https://r.gnavi.co.jp/272cwkam0000/
Their side dishes are also great! If you feel like you want to try something different, you should definitely order cabbage! Some of you might be thinking, "why order cabbage at a yakitori restaurant?" but believe it or not, cabbage always goes really well with yakitori and beer. Another reason why you should order the cabbage here, which is by the way also just 298 yen, is that it's all-you-can-eat!
S 0nf9 https://r.gnavi.co.jp/272cwkam0000/
You also want to try their Takoyaki-style Chicken Balls! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, this is one of Torikizoku's original menu item. If you are familiar with takoyaki, an octopus ball, think of this as a takoyaki without octopus. Chicken actually goes really well with takoyaki sauce, you'll know when you try!

Now it's time to find a store near you!

Torikizoku in Tokyo, Shibuya and Shinjuku

Shibuya has many Torikizoku locations but the one listed below is the biggest one with 123 seats.
For Shinjuku, your best bet on a crowded night might be the san-chome location listed below. It is also the biggest location near the station. There is also one near the New South Exit and in Kabukicho.

Torikizoku in Osaka

Remember that Osaka is the birthplace of the yakitori chain, so unsurprisingly perhaps, it's where you find the highest concentration of the restaurant. There are 80 of them in Osaka alone.

The Ohatsutenjin Torikizoku listed is conveniently located near the major stations of Umeda and Osaka.


I think now you know that Torikizoku offers a casual yet satisfying yakitori experience! Unfortunately, there is no English website available, but it could be helpful in some situations, so I will put the link below. Check the link for more information about Torikizoku, their menu, and their campaigns! If you click "お店を探す", you will see a map of Japan with its prefectures. From there, you can choose where you are and they'll take you to their store locater page!
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