Updated: July 07, 2017
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Tully's Coffee: Exquisite Coffee and Desserts

Tully's Coffee is a famous cafe chain in Japan! They offer their original food and drink menu, and their swirkle, is very popular! Let's check out what else they offer!

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Tully's Coffee

Tully's Coffee is a popular cafe chain that you would see very often in Japan. They have over 650 stores nationwide, and it is loved among wide range of generations. It is a perfect place to eat lunch or just grab a coffee if you are in hurry. The variety of menu that they offer is amazing, and that could be one of the reasons why Tully's is very popular among people in Japan.
They also offer coffee school for customers who are interested in learning how to make good coffee. They only have a Japanese website, but it's worth checking out, so check the link below!


They have more than 20 food menu to choose from! From sweet pastries to pasta and sandwiches, you will be satisfied with wide range of food options that they offer. Their popular menu is as follows:
Park dog avo takos 170620 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
Hot dog with avocado and tacos meat,
Ricewrap cajun 170606 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
Rice ketchup Cajun chicken salad burrito,
Walnut camem 170620 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
and walnut Camembert bread! Their walnut bread has been beloved by lots of people for 20 years now. Their smooth Camembert flavored fillings tastes really nice - it's not sweet, and it goes really well with coffee. Perfect food to snack on too!
0b5a9b17e96b19f9f989884ca209dc05155eb436 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
Their pancake is really popular too! They have huge chunks of mango and raspberries on top, which gives refreshing yet sweet taste.
Tea peach chiboust 170606 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
If you love peach, you should definitely try their peach and tea chiboust! How beautiful... This is on my list of food to try at Tully's for sure.
Condensed milk 170523 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
Tully's Coffee's coffee menu is also extensive - from iced coffee to cappuccino, they offer variety of coffee drinks! The one above is a drink called "condensed milk iced coffee", inspired by Vietnamese coffee. If you love sweet stuff with coffee, you should give it a try.
Coffee jelly matcha 170620 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
They also have their original frozen drink called swirkle, and their matcha-coffee jelly swirkle is what you have to try here. Some people once said that the combination of matcha and coffee jelly tastes like warabimochi (bracken-starch dumpling covered with kinako powder) - you might or might not taste it, but you'll never know until you try!
Tapioca royal milktea 170420 https://www.tullys.co.jp/
Guess what - they also offer bubble tea! I don't think there's any cafe chains that offer bubble tea, so it's definitely a must-try for bubble tea lovers! It's called "Tapioca royal milk tea", and rick milk tea and chewy tapioca is just a perfect combination, no words needed to describe how amazing they are together.

Want to know more about Tully's Coffee?

Doesn't Tully's Coffee look so attractive? You get to eat these amazing looking food for just under ¥1000, how amazing is that? Check the link below for more information on Tully's Coffee!
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