Updated: December 22, 2017
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Ultimate Guide to Cafe Chains in Japan

You would be surprised by how much cafe chains there are in Japan - there are more than 100 cafe chains! So here's the lit of cafe chains that you should try in Japan!

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Starbucks Japan

Starbucks, of course every one knows, is also popular in Japan. Their seasonal offer is always unique and exciting because they introduce limited edition beverages almost every month, and they usually use seasonal ingredients and make a special drink out of it. Not just that, but Starbucks in Japan have different size options too. Since it is not so common for Japanese people to consume large portion, Starbucks Japan offer Short (S) along with Tall, Grande and Venti. Short is super small, so if you just want a quick sip or just want to try a new drink, you can choose Short and you'll be all set.
For more information on Starbucks in Japan, you should check the link below! It has lots of information on aesthetically pleasing Starbucks in Japan and their seasonal beverages.

Mister Donut

Mister Donut is one of the famous donut chains in Japan. Everyone knows it and everyone have tried Mister Donut's donuts at least once in their life. They not only offer donuts but also food menu such as noodles, pasta and dim sum! As known as "Misdo", this cafe chain is beloved by all ages. Their seasonal offer is a must-try too. Mister Donut can be found everywhere in Japan, so make sure to check it out!
For more information on Mister Donut, check the link below!

Doutor Coffee

Dotour Coffee is very popular for its casual atmosphere where anyone can walk in, sit down and stay as long as they want. The price is relatively lower than other cafe chains (coffee is just for ¥200!), and they are really quick at providing drinks too! People use this place for many purposes, from meetings to casual hang out with friend. Their menu is also very appealing, so make sure to check them out.
If you want to know more information about Doutor Coffee, check the link below!

Komeda Coffee

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Komeda's Coffee is one of the popular cafe chains in Japan! Their classy yet somewhat casual and super cozy atmosphere is popular among wide range of ages, and the price is very reasonable. Their original blend coffee is made from selected roasted beans. It will be an unforgettable coffee experience for coffee lovers! Their extensive menu is also what is appealing about Komeda's Coffee.
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If you are curious what kind of food they have, or what kind of coffee they offer, check the link below!

St Marc Cafe

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St Marc Cafe is a very popular and famous cafe that offers their original bread called "Choco cro"! They have around 400 stores just in Japan, and they have been expanding their stores to overseas too. Along with their popular choco cro, they offer desserts and drinks, so make sure to check that out too!
If you want to know more about St. Marc Cafe, check the link below!

Tully's Coffee

Tully's Coffee is a popular cafe chain that you would see very often in Japan. It is a perfect place to eat lunch or just grab a coffee if you are in hurry. The variety of menu that they offer is amazing, and that's probably why Tully's is very popular among people in Japan. They also have their original frozen drink called swarcle, and they also offer bubble tea! I don't think there's any cafe chains that offer bubble tea, so it's a must-try!
If you are looking for a little special cafe chain experience in Japan, you should definitely give it a try! Check the link below for more information on Tully's Coffee.

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee is where all the coffee lovers come together. Their hand-drip coffee is on point, and their refined yet casual and cozy atmosphere and their amazing pancakes are what people are in love with. They have a store in Singapore, so those of you who have visited Singapore might have seen this amazing cafe there. Their souffle pancakes and rice casserole are what you should try.
If you are feeling little luxurious, head your way out to Hoshino Coffee! If you are curious, check the link below for more information on Hoshino Coffee!

Ready for exciting cafe hopping experience in Japan?

Sometimes going into a restaurant that you have never been to before could be intimidating, but I hope this list helped you to be a little more familiar with cafe chains in Japan! Cafe chains are usually located at a very accessible location, and they are usually open from early morning until really late. Such a perfect place to stop by for a quick breakfast or casual late night snack. Enjoy your stay in Japan with cafe chains!
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